The Rules

Rule #1: No whining. So you lost to a group of 10 players to your five. Don’t bitch about it. Don’t complain about how overpowered that class was. We don’t want to hear it.

Rule #2: Grow. Learn from your mistakes. Every win or loss should be a learning experience. Do not give up or resort to breaking Rule #1 because you feel winning is impossible.

Rule #3: Have fun. This is a video game right? If you are not having fun then you are doing something wrong. Take a break, do something else for a while. A key to having fun in this guild is to play with others. Many people here work or go to school. We are not power gamers.

Rule #4: Guild members must download and use Ventrilo. You must also have a working microphone. Guild leaders have played PVP games for almost a decade in some cases and are not used to reading to communicate with teammates. Download a copy of Ventrilo here. This rule is not insignificant! We make no exceptions. If you do not have Ventrilo and a microphone, you do not PVP with us.

Rule #5: Do not be annoying. The guild leaders are over age 30 and we don’t want to put up with immature preteen emo crap. Asking for help repeatedly in guild chat after getting no response, being a jerk in chat and playing random music in Ventrilo is a violation of Rule #5.

Rule #6: See Rule #3.

Rule #7: Nobody under 18 admitted (read about the birth of Rule #7 here).