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A good RVR night

Here is a pic from a Tuesday night battle. Order was out capping BOs like usual when all of a sudden, a few warbands of Destruction showed up!


Click to zergify.

Order was so happy to see so many Destro that we ran at them again and again and died over and over. Good fights all around. I was glad to see them out and about. I didn’t recognize any names but that doesn’t matter.

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Just wanted to share some screenshots of the Order zerg that I took Saturday night. I am fairly certain more than 200 Order were swarming zones and taking keeps.


Here are more pics from the same location of more Order flowing into the Manor.

By the way, Saturday was the worst night I’ve had in gaming in a very long time. We had double overdog points (I guess that’s what we call them) meaning that Order had attacked Inevitable City twice within 24 hours. That means it takes much longer to cap zones. We couldn’t get enough Victory Points to cap either. Sometimes we were sitting at 105% of required VP and because of the underdog mechanic we couldn’t cap. I hope this was a big reminder to Order to keep those in mind when we schedule a city push.

Long story short, we started at about 8 p.m. Pacific and didn’t get to the city until midnight (major sorrow for the Eastern timezone people). I wanted to stab myself in the face with a screwdriver. We had a good fight at the entrance to Maw. Then in the city my warband just happened to get the one with the halfway decent Destro in it. I was soo tired. Unfortunately we had a lot of random PUGs in the scenario with us. Eventually they left to make way for Irony, but the damage was done.

Fortunately we managed to take the city during the Super Bowl and down the king. Unfortunately for us those of our guildies who watch football socially did not get to join us :( At least it’s one step closer to getting full Warlord for Andora, who will be able to tank the king for us during our future FOTF king runs!

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Weekend roundup: warlord loot, zerging and a friend returns

We had a very fun and productive weekend. First off, a few FOTF members got Warlord gear from the king captures over the weekend (myself excluded). This is great news for those of us who had tried 40 or 50 times to get Darkpromise breastplates.

We also had some really fun fights in BOs this weekend!


Here, the manor in Eataine (click to embiggen).

We were flipping zones like pros and almost made it to stage 2 on Sunday’s IC push for those of us unable to make the first king run. Unfortunately my WB was in the losing city instance. I think either a lot of Order left or a lot of Destro joined (or both) and we lost the last stage 2 event. D’oh! Maybe next time.

Destro was definitely out in force.


I was proud of how our realm did in almost defeating them during prime time. Destro must have been taking a break after beating our king Sunday morning or more would’ve shown up for that effort.


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Welcome to… Jurassic Park!

This weekend was much like the others. Destruction were zerging and Order didn’t have many options other than to run scenarios to find even fights.


Even so, we tried to run in oRVR. Unfortunately I had limited play time this weekend but the rest of the crew hopefully had some fun. When I was online, here’s what we saw. I forget who said it but someone said it looked like Jurassic Park. I ran up to get a screenshot:


For a full-size version, click here!

This was the last thing I saw before the loading screen.


Owie! I guess they couldn’t refuse a chance at a royal.

We did have some good fights though! Saturday we held the manor for what seemed like forever. The Destro kept coming back again and again. FOTF and friends had 2-3 groups if I recall, and another group or two was in there with us.


Good times (and dead Destro) were had by all.

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Mind your Manor: Better homes and gardens issue

It is traditional to host a housewarming party when one takes up a new residence. According to Emily Post, the party is hosted by the homeowner to welcome friends and family to their new home. Schwenderhalle Manor is a prime piece of real estate with views of the river and within sight of the Reikwald Fortress. Fight on the Flag and some members of Knights of Valor and Obliteration took up residence. It was supposed to be a good time.

Unfortunately Destruction is not aware of the rules of etiquette. We had our King Keg out and they wanted to walk right in, completely uninvited! This outrage did not go unanswered. We repelled them for a good 10-20 minutes.


Alas, the beer ran dry and Destruction was able to make it into our new home.


They ransacked the place and had their way with the dwarves. I’ll never look at a beard the same way again.

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No mercy for the straggling Order!

To kick off this post, I wanted to share a screenshot of the text message after Order kicks Destro out of Altdorf:


(Just in case you cannot read the text in the picture, “Altdorf stands strong! The city is Recovering. No mercy for the straggling Order.”)

For those who haven’t surfed the forums relentlessly, Istaflyiii on Gorfang discovered a bug that basically hands Destruction the keys to Altdorf three times a day. By just respirating oxygen into carbon dioxide, Destruction can flip zones and get to Altdorf.

And order can do nothing about it. In fact, if Order tries to do something, it actually works in Destruction’s favor.

Wow. What a disincentive for RVR if you have any shred of realm pride. Fortunately, Mythic says they are working on the bug, though the timeline for a fix is sketchy at best.

One player on Gorfang wanted to try to quantify the gear and renown haul due to the VP bug, and Destro of course, say it’s not a big deal (though there are the few who are calling attention to this).

Case in point: Cald noticed that Order owned one keep in Thunder Mountain. We claimed it, noticed we had about six people and called in T4 channel for help. Anyone who wanted to defend with Ventrilo could join our warband and we could try to prevent Destro from taking the keep.

I wish I had taken screenshots of what some said to me (and I would blur the names to prevent too much humiliation). I got several tells from people saying “Don’t defend it only flips to the city faster” who were actually ANGRY at me trying to defend our lands!

Of course I didn’t listen, and we led about three groups from TM to KV to try to defend. It was all in vain. We were up against 5 warbands at one point (90 on the keep and another warband defending BOs).


Morale on Order side is very low. Let’s hope they fix this bug soon.

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Saturday romp ‘n’ stomp

That pain in my neck is not the new Pilates routine, it’s Destro stomping all over my about-to-be-dead corpse:


They got into our city at least two times Saturday, but it was probably more because they were pushing pretty hard to get there again when I logged to make dinner.

FOTF had a really fun time in scenarios though. It almost feels like we’re getting some of our groove back. After not playing Order side since July 4 or thereabouts, it’s a rough awakening going from best on the server (several of our guildies were #1 on the leaderboards) to complete nobodies.

Oddly enough the people who seem to remember us most are the new transfers from Phoenix Throne. They were some of the elite Order guilds that we fought against when we played Destro over there. I am glad to know we were more than just a speed bump to them!

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Welcome back to WAR!

Warhammer is a breath of fresh air to me after playing Aion. Several of our members have returned along with us, including Andora and Cald, who did not make the transition to Aion very well. It’s really good to see them and hear their voices in vent.

Now we need to get back to our previous state of pwn on this server. We’re basically handing out free crests at this point as we relearn our characters.

We definitely have a fight ahead of us though. Destro outnumbers us by a large margin. This is not the same server we left. The Destro are also more organized and higher RR than Order.


This screenshot cannot do justice. I wish I could do wide angle shots. The front of the north keep in KV was packed full of about four warbands at one point this weekend.

Destro is also in the city about three times a day. Sunday they did an alarm clock raid and pushed the city to stage 2. For those who have not been in the city during stage 2, it’s pretty boring, though there still are some Destro who remain to fight. Everyone else is in the Warlord PQs.


As a result of frequent city pushes, many of the high powered Destro are in full sets of Warlord gear.

FOTF is not the only group returning from Aion. Dooger made a post welcoming back those of us who are returning.

Do you want to return to Warhammer? I can hand out some 10-day free trials (as long as you’ve been gone for 60 days or more). Just reply in the comment using your real e-mail address. I can only send out one per day, though.

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LotDead Shadow Warriors

We thought we’d ruin some Order’s PVE by running in Land of the Dead for a while on Sunday. For such a highly touted expansion, there was hardly anyone there. But when Order gained control, a lowbie zerg of Shadow Warriors leaped off of a cliff we happened to be hiding behind. Most of them ended up at half health, or worse. They were easily dispatched.

Those aren't rocks, they're corpses.

Those aren't all rocks, they're corpses.

Yeah killing a bunch of lowbies wasn’t terribly challenging or brag worthy, but watching renown (albeit very little renown) falling from the skies was pretty entertaining.

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Best fights evar!

Sunday night was incredible! We ran with the Destro zerg for a while in Dragonwake and after the zone flipped, we stayed around the warcamp for some fun with Irony.


As you can tell from the picture, we only had eight players with us, five of whom were healers. We must have run around for five minutes before they killed even one of us. It felt good knowing that we stood toe-to-toe with one of the best guilds on Order side without losing. In the end, they gave up on the fight and went elsewhere.

Later in the night, we had a memorable keep defenses in Chaos Wastes. A group of Order had left to go to Black Crag to defend a keep. We preferred to remain where the fight was. We coordinated with other warbands to drive Order out of our keeps. Finally they returned with such numbers that we couldn’t defeat them. Many of us stayed up way past our bedtimes :p I imagine there are some sleepy people at work today.

Finally, we have been working hard to fit in to this roleplay environment. Someone in Temporal Space decided to start speaking in pirate jargon. Organdonar made a mod that helps us speak in pirate without having to think too hard. Soon we will send the mod to all in FOTF or TS who choose to use it. The pirate talk trend is also catching on with the general populace:


Inspired to play or resubscribe to Warhammer after reading this blog? Send Perle a PM on the Warhammer Alliance forums with your first name and e-mail address. The message goes directly to her e-mail. She can then hook you up with a 10-day free trial of the game.

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