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Best fights evar!

Sunday night was incredible! We ran with the Destro zerg for a while in Dragonwake and after the zone flipped, we stayed around the warcamp for some fun with Irony.


As you can tell from the picture, we only had eight players with us, five of whom were healers. We must have run around for five minutes before they killed even one of us. It felt good knowing that we stood toe-to-toe with one of the best guilds on Order side without losing. In the end, they gave up on the fight and went elsewhere.

Later in the night, we had a memorable keep defenses in Chaos Wastes. A group of Order had left to go to Black Crag to defend a keep. We preferred to remain where the fight was. We coordinated with other warbands to drive Order out of our keeps. Finally they returned with such numbers that we couldn’t defeat them. Many of us stayed up way past our bedtimes :p I imagine there are some sleepy people at work today.

Finally, we have been working hard to fit in to this roleplay environment. Someone in Temporal Space decided to start speaking in pirate jargon. Organdonar made a mod that helps us speak in pirate without having to think too hard. Soon we will send the mod to all in FOTF or TS who choose to use it. The pirate talk trend is also catching on with the general populace:


Inspired to play or resubscribe to Warhammer after reading this blog? Send Perle a PM on the Warhammer Alliance forums with your first name and e-mail address. The message goes directly to her e-mail. She can then hook you up with a 10-day free trial of the game.

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Saturday night fights

On Saturday, Flags in Space made a journey to Bastion Stair, and most of us now have our crit weapons. Yay! After that, we ran a bunch of Nordenwatch scenarios. We stomped the pugs, but we got stomped by the Order premades.

The real fun came at night, when we decided to defend one of the many fortress assaults (I forget which one).

After that, we defended a keep with the rest of Destro in Chaos Wastes.


Initially we skirmished inside, but we saw the group bunched up (before this shot was taken) and decided to bomb them, old style. We wiped the advance force with the help of other Destro, but then a wave of Destro Order came over the hill and we retreated to defend. After the Destro force repelled the attackers, we took the northeast BO in Chaos Wastes.

Finally, we went to Caledor to have some fun. The fun turned into Destro flipping the zone.


We had a ton of fun Saturday, and things are looking up as we get gear and renown rank! It was painful but the road is sure to be smoother from here.

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Inevitable City!

Woo hoo! Good job Order! We took two fortresses within hours of each other, and it was a great effort. Both attempts went very smoothly. And we know what that means: We were able to siege the Inevitable City!

I admit I knew nothing about city sieges. Absolutely nothing. So when my warband zoned in, we had no clue what was going on, but I saw two nodes on the map that we were supposed to take. Off we went to secure those areas.

Word to the wise: when you first zone into IC, the warband leader has a choice of instances to pick through. For your sanity, please coordinate with another warband that knows WTF it’s doing and pick the same instance! That would have saved us a TON of heartache last night.

While my warband tried, we could not overcome the suckiness of the other warband, which was full of level 30-36 players.

(Side note: MYTHIC why do you allow anyone who is not capable of wearing the upper tier gear to siege the city? Those guards obliterated the Order who did not have the right equipment. Either fix the guards or up the level requirement, please!)

The warband leader, who shall remain nameless on this blog, refused to communicate to my warband, refused to recruit more players to his/her warband and did not talk with people who were in his/her warband (I know this because people from that warband came to vent because they were frustrated they were getting no answers from their leader). He put me on ignore when I asked a few pointed questions, such as “why do you only have a group and a half in your warband” and “could you please coordinate with my other warband leader so we can win a scenario?”


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Pirate Day a success!

In honor of a successful Pirate PVP Day, I am going to post the rest of this using the Talk Like a Pirate Day translator.

Aye, we first landed on the Isle o’ Quel’danas with our parrots in tow, and commandeard a ship in the harbor. Gar.

Ahoy, we feasted upon Sa’ory De’iate Delights and also installed the Pirate Speak mod. No screens o’ the talk in general chat unfortunately :( Ye’ll ne’er get me buried booty!

Arrr, though I was the only wench aboard, the guys didn’t seem t’ mind. Thar war enough blood el’es around t’ keep them company. Gar.


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PVP with Pirates day!

EDIT: Better download link to pirate mod here.

Since the 2.4 patch we’ve had to be creative to enjoy ourselves as a guild in PVP.

I thought I’d combine our love for fishing with PVP. Today and for the past few day’s I’ve fished up about 100 Deviate fish and sent them to Xorena to cook Savory Deviate Delights. These fish, when consumed, turn you either into a pirate or a ninja. We are aiming for pirates.

To complete the pirate disguise, everyone should get a parrot pet from Booty Bay or farm one somehow, AH or what have you. Please also download the Talk like a Pirate mod from curse, here.

If anyone can think of other ways to make us more pirate-y, post on the forums. I’m aiming for Saturday afternoon for this event.

Hope to see you there!

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The rumors of PVPs death have been greatly exaggerated

The latest patch, 2.4, put in a code that makes premade groups wait for other premades. I do not disagree with this theory. The hardest fights are actually the most fun for me. However, the implementation was not so smooth. Currently a premade group is waiting 45 minutes to an hour to face another premade.

To <Fight on the Flag> members, this is completely unacceptable. So Friday, we staged a protest on the Isle of Quel’Dalas. Alliance were ganking, and one of our members called for help. We rallied to his call:

Corpses, corpses everywhere and not an Ally to kill. Oh wait! The bear!

Why wait 45 minutes to kill Alliance in a BG when you can go to the Isle of Quel’Dalas and kill them now? Well, personally I like killing people who want to PVP rather than random victim bastards, but we had to take out our angst somewhere.


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Weekend wrapup

Even though it was AV weekend, we didn’t do much in Valley. Our groups of five to 10 people cannot make that much of a difference to the alliance zerg, and honestly, there’s too much AFK going on. I hate picking up the slack of AFKers. It’s too much work for not that much effort. Those of us who did brave AV took towers and graveyards in hopes of getting more than 100 honor per run, where we gained some fans:

We got bored and decided to try some world PVP. We’d never really done that as a guild before except for Halaa. Halaa was ours so we headed to Honor hold.


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