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Mythic gives props to FOTF blog

No posts in the past few days. Needless to say work is quite busy or I would’ve acknowledged this sooner (doing the work of people who have been laid off in addition to regular duties is very stressful, but I do still have a job).

Andy Belford posted on the Mythic site linking to various bloggers. He mentioned Fight on the Flag! Yay!

No insight today. Time to get back to my 50 hour-a-week job with one-hour commute each way.

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Sunday scens and /wave report

FOTF ran some pretty hot scens on Sunday. For a few of them the Destro even left or waited at the spawn. Other times while Destro technically won, we won in the kill count or RPs (I consider that a win).


Destro healers seemed few and far between. I felt bad for them, especially when a marauder healed for more than three of their healers:


Click to healinate.

Big props to Apollonas for trying! If I recall correctly his DPS was tops out of Destro as well. When you heal more than Norronis and Nij, even as a healer, it’s usually a good sign of a talented player. This shows, to me, that a few people weren’t trying their best and were probably just there to farm/AFK insignias. (Yet another example of bad player behavior in pursuit of the carrot.)


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Ode to an orc


Every time I see this guy I think of the song “Earth Angel”

Will you be mine?
My darling dear
Love you all the time
I’m just a fool,
A fool in love, with you

I can’t wait until you’re 40, Orkangel.


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Weekend roundup: warlord loot, zerging and a friend returns

We had a very fun and productive weekend. First off, a few FOTF members got Warlord gear from the king captures over the weekend (myself excluded). This is great news for those of us who had tried 40 or 50 times to get Darkpromise breastplates.

We also had some really fun fights in BOs this weekend!


Here, the manor in Eataine (click to embiggen).

We were flipping zones like pros and almost made it to stage 2 on Sunday’s IC push for those of us unable to make the first king run. Unfortunately my WB was in the losing city instance. I think either a lot of Order left or a lot of Destro joined (or both) and we lost the last stage 2 event. D’oh! Maybe next time.

Destro was definitely out in force.


I was proud of how our realm did in almost defeating them during prime time. Destro must have been taking a break after beating our king Sunday morning or more would’ve shown up for that effort.


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FOTF Completes PVE Content

N’Kari Keeper of Secrets defeated!

Congratulations to FOTF, we finally finished Lost Vale! Not that it was that hard, really, as long as we had at least four wards. This was our third or fourth foray into the zone. Our first attempts were made before our tanks had 5/5 wards. Unfortunately during the previous two runs, we had two Slayer pieces drop, one before the class was even in the game. To everyone’s disappointment, I managed to get 5/6 of my Darkpromise set. I was personally hoping for a Bright Wizard chest because ours doesn’t have his Sentinel piece yet.

The encounter took us about two hours to learn, and if you include the 10-minute run back to the encounter (until we figured out how to reset it) that’s not too bad.

Anyway, enough of that PVE crap. We also took the Inevitable City again. This will make it three for Order, zero for Destruction.

After sacking the statue area.

 We had a good group, but unfortunately we did not have the tanks to complete the second stage. We did confirm that we can tank the hero with a 5/5 Sentinal-warded tank. Unfortunately the only tank there with the wards was Andora. At least we learned something.

On the leader boards, as of Monday morning Grilar got #1 renown for the week in Engineers, bringing him to #9 of all time.

Finally a /wave report, which we haven’t had in a really long time.

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A tribute to Rugbyrat, now accepting apps!

It is my sad duty to report that Rugbyrat is no longer with us. He didn’t die or anything. He quit the game.

Rugbyrat was a formidable opponent. He was also very entertaining. He would charge out even if there was no hope of winning, and he always had a friendly /wave at the ready. It all started back in November, when we discovered Rugby in a scenario. Riamin was playing his Bright Wizard, Pylith. I can’t remember who waved at who first, but an epic, cross-realm friendship was born.

Sadly since Rugby is quitting the game, it leaves a void in our fuzzy Order hearts. So it is to this end that I open up applications for Riamin’s BFF.


  • You must play for Destruction. No Order allowed!
  • Must be a tank class.
  • You should probably play during the same times Riamin does. Roughly, he plays most weekends and evenings. He has a job like a normal person.
  • Must have a good sense of humor and enjoy being fetched/punted.


  • We will always wave at you if we see you in a scenario.
  • We will take screenshots of you and post about you occasionally on our blog and on the forums. (See examples here.)
  • Sometimes we’ll kill everyone else first in oRVR and scenarios.
  • You have a chance to be punted instead of killed.
  • A fabulous subscription to the Cake of the Month Club *


  • You will probably die in unusual ways.
  • Destro will make fun of you because you’re making friends with froofy Order.

Applications can be accepted on our guild forums. Make a post to introduce yourself and tell us why you’d like to be Riamin’s BFF. We’re looking forward to filling that void in our lives.

* You must purchase the Cake of the Month Club subscription yourself.

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HNY, gearing up and killing Destro

After Fight on the Flag got roflstomped in a Serpent’s Passage, we checked out the gear of our foes. Damn. Lost Vale gear. Fortunately we found that sentinal gear is a breeze to get. After a few hesitant tries, we got through Sigmar Crypts without wiping the second time we went. Warpblade Tunnels also seems easy. I’m not sure what everyone was complaining about.

It was so easy I was able to mock someone else’s guild name while we were pulling.

Fortunately we cleared both by Friday so we can PVP all weekend! Enough about that boring PVE. Order has been reliably pushing to Caledor recently. Yes, we do lock zones. That means we can go to Caledor Woods, by far and away our favorite scenario.

There was a whole lot more waving going on than this. I was almost embarrassed.

Basically for those familiar with T3 scenarios, it’s just like Temple of Isha, except you can’t pick up the ball that gives you bonus to DPS. It’s just one node to take over, and this is super easy with a coordinated group and someone yelling at nubs to kill healers and witch elves.


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Belated Fortress report, leaderboards and /wave report

The Destruction’s attempt to siege the Fortress was pretty fun. I had never been on a Fortress defense before, so I probably played too conservatively. Apparently the guards worked the Destro hard because many players didn’t have the proper gear.

Here is the Destro attacking Pelgorath’s BO in Dragonwake.

They tried one push and disappeared. After the Fortress siege ended, the Destro near immediately capped all of the keeps and Battle Objectives in Dragonwake. It was smart and coordinated.

Leaderboards and /wave report below.


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