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It’s a man baby, yeahh!! /sigh

Despite what some people think (even on Twitter) I am actually not a dude. Yes, the odds are stacked against me because so many people who play video games are actually male.

Now, even the internet has turned against me.


The analysis is based on the last 10 posts, and I guess I cuss a lot, and don’t talk about unicorns, kitties and babies.

As for my gaming life I am playing a lot of Starcraft II. It’s a fun game with a very detailed storyline. I may have a post about it soon, and I may not. I am really enjoying this time off, although I miss the friendships in my guild.

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Merry Christmas from Fight on the Flag


May your lewtz be phat, your battles be awesome and your enemies tears be many! Merry Christmas!

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The sheer size of the Order force is staggering. Really, have a look:


That’s not the entire force on the Order side in the Manor BO in Praag. I’m pretty sure they had a good force at each BO.

As a former guildie once said, “this is a target-rich environment.”

Fortunately this gives us a good chance to catch up in RR and gear. I don’t know if a recent patch changed the warlord crest drops or, if, because we are fighting higher RR people we are getting more by default. But I already have three warlord crests, whereas on Perle on Gorfang, I only ever got one in the entire time I was PVPing there.

Needless to say, we don’t leave much of a dent in their force.


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Hail from Phoenix Throne!

Hark! I see a Destro Order player bent on our demise! We must dispatch him with great haste, else we fall victim to his ruthless plans!

Ugh, no thanks. Yes, Phoenix Throne is a roleplay server. I am really not into that (though I might dabble here and there, to the annoyance of my guildies). Some people go waaay overboard with their RP. It seems to me it takes more time to think of how to intentionally misspell their missives than it would be to just type it normally.

But Fight on the Flag is not here to judge. We are here to kill. Judging from the RVR map last night in Caledor, we’re going to get plenty of fights.


I was astounded to see fighting in two different zones yesterday. I’ve also joined the realm-wide chat channel to get to know the leaders. I am in awe of the force we are up against.


Fight on the Flag and Temp Space are very eager to hop into the fray. We love bashing Destro Order into a bloody pulp, and the fact that there are so many people to kill here is exciting. (By the way, if we get confused and say things as if we were still playing Order, cut us some slack. We’re trying to break old habits, like running away from a pit of shades or panicking if we see a huge zerg of lizard-riding men.)

Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space also formed our alliance, Flags in Space, once both guilds hit level 6. Woot!


(Amellie is referring to the “oral” in “Temporal Space.” For now, they are Temp Space. Not sure if they cared enough to try to appeal the name. Chances are, if they did, they wouldn’t get an answer.)

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First Fort take since patch 2.1!

I know this was a little late, but I had work Sunday and Monday. I’m jotting this down before I head in today.

Sunday morning Flags in Space (our alliance) logged in to find the zones were all pushed up against the Destro forts. Hum. Did someone try to push this morning and not tell us? Turns out, everyone else didn’t know of an organized effort either.

So we made one. Illthala and crew pushed Black Crag, while Flags in Space claimed BOs in Chaos Wastes and Caledor.

Soon after, we got tells thanking us for our “sacrifice” of missing the fort fight in Black Crag.

As I tried to stifle my laughter at being praised for missing yet another rousing round of Doorhammer Online, we focused on preventing Destro from taking BOs. As predicted, Destro stayed in BC to get their phat, phat lewt and we took The Maw nearly undefended. We had a warband and a half, so I think that’s a pretty good accomplishment.


Next we headed to Caledor. I admit I called a push prematurely, before everyone knew the strategy we were using. Our second push was much better, and we almost got it. We came away with some good ideas for next time.

Here is the thread praising Order by Destro. Here, Jestor is happy at the teamwork we exhibited.

Regarding the Land of the Dead, I am not terribly excited about it. I’ll post something about that tomorrow.

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Ugh, nevermind

Some people have persistence in the face of extreme boredom.

Fight on the Flag does not, at least not enough to powerlevel our guild rank for 12+ days to get to rank 37.


After about five hours of powerleveling only the people in the guild, we earned a mere 22 percent of a guild rank. Somehow we thought it would go faster. So anyway, if we booted you from the guild in an effort to try to raise our guild rank, send anyone in guild tell and we can invite you.

(Note: I wasn’t actually on for this effort, so if you have questions someone else will have to answer them.)

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Kicked from the guild? Here’s why

As posted in our forums, we are about to try to level our guild to 37. We want the fast mounts because they do make a bit of a difference.

That means we are kicking everyone from the guild who is not either leveling, doing Lost Vale or city dungeons, or is the guild leader.

In theory this will level our guild faster. The people who have been kicked from guild will join Temporal Space to remain in alliance chat and also to help level their guild slightly while we embark on this endeavor. Currently we are at rank 31.


When Fight on the Flag is finished leveling, we will switch and those who are getting powerleveled will join TS and everyone else will join FOTF.

Questions, suggestions or comments? Visit the forums and let us know!

If you are a former guildie interested in returning to the game, now is a good time. But before you resubscribe, please send an e-mail to fightontheflag [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com so I can get you a free 10-day trial (and get credit for a griffon mount).

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Thinking of returning? Get a free trial!

Do my posts inspire you to resubscribe to the game? Are you interested in pounding Destro into the sands of Serpent’s Passage? Or are you trying the game for the first time? Please let me know!


We had a guildie return to the game after a really long time away. Unfortunately I didn’t know about it and I was unable to send him a free, 10-day trial.

I admit, this post is made purely for selfish reasons. If I recruit six people I get a griffon mount, and they look wicked cool.

So if you are interested in a 10-day free trial, just put a comment in this thread, using a real e-mail address, and I will send you one. Be patient. I don’t check my e-mail constantly. Give me a day or so and you will have it.

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Head start begins … now!

Head start begins today, but as for us picking a server, that doesn’t mean much. Why? Because more servers will be created in the coming weeks. Server populations are going to be unsteady and undependable until the bulk of players begin on Sept. 18.

Be patient. Saaz, Organdonar and myself will pick a server with good balance within a week after the game is live to all. Our guild name is not cool enough for someone else to steal it, and unless we are named after Greek gods (cough) then we should be OK in the name department.

Server discussion on this thread in our forums. Please be sure to include the server name and the side you are rolling (order or destruction). Also please get on Vent if you can.

Kanodine, a faithful FOTF member, said he has already rolled a character:

Rolled on Averheim…there was a queue for volkmar. Aveheim so far is the lowest pop core server

However, when Eric and I tried to pick a server, it said destruction is full, and we cannot create a character. I am told Mythic will slowly increase population caps throughout the week.

Also to note, I am no longer going to Kansas, but I am going apartment hunting instead, which means we are moving and will likely be out of commission for a week at some point.

Long story short, be patient. We’ll get to play together soon.

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Server login info to include population levels

A source close to me told me that the server-selection screen includes the following information:

Order Population  |  Destruction Population
       LOW                          LOW

When we pick the server we will reside on, at least we will have that to go on. It might be a couple of days before we have an indication of a well-balanced server, so don’t think that the first server we pick will be the one we stay on forever. Characters are easy to level and it’s easy to switch early on.

In other news, Pylith is headed to the New Orleans area to help with the recovery efforts. If you do not see him online when the game starts, then that’s why. Fortunately hurricane Gustav took a last-minute westward turn, so he may be back sooner than we think.

We’ll keep a spot warm for him though!

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