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Caledor Woods, fortress seige and recruitment

I think much of the reason FOTF tries to push Dragonwake is because Caledor Woods and the zone Caledor are so much fun. The scenario is like the Temple of Isha scenario from T3.

Massive fights at the center BO in Caledor are also worthwhile. This doesn’t ever seem to happen in Dragonwake, where the warcamps are separated by the length of the zone.

Caledor, middle BO, awesome fight!

Last night, we had the opportunity to participate in a fortress seige. Apparently some pretty significant changes went into effect for the fortresses, all of which was completely lost on me because I don’t obsess over the patch notes. Well, other’s dont either, because when we went up, a bunch of people died and started crying for a res. I don’t mind people crying for a res, because I like to res them. But one of the changes was to prevent healers from ressing while the fortress lord was aggro. Doh!

Fortress Destro tank wall, ur doin it… pretti well, akshully.


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Pylith + Rugbyrat = BFF

It’s cool the way you form friendships even across realm lines. I’ve seen Rugbyrat often on the battlefield. He’s always willing to charge out and fight even if his team is hopelessly lost.

Here he’s trying to give Pylith a hug… I think… Be careful Rugby!

So anyway, on Sundays the Order tends to take keeps around noon eastern time. Why don’t we see Destro defending? :( My theory is they are all in Sunday School.


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Keep takes and zone control BS

First let’s address Bablog’s comment in the previous post about how we only had our keep for 30 minutes Saturday:

(Also if anyone wants to comment on the Web site they all have to be approved by me. There will be a delay with your first comment)

In any case, keep defenses were not nearly as exciting Sunday. I guess Destruction learned its lesson from Saturday, where we repelled several invasions in the span of seven hours. They zone hopped and avoided us like that annoying person at work who is always trying to get you to buy their daughter’s gee gaws to raise money for the PTA.

We took every keep in every zone save one, so by the time Destro got back from church (that’s where you were right?) we were pretty bored. Fortunately something other than Serpent’s Passage popped. Thunder Valley was a blast:

Lots of destro to fight, and they were actually trying.


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Beach camping, PVE and gear itemization

There are times when the battles are hard fought, when I can be proud of our performance. And then there are times like these:

Who wants to roast some hotdogs?

*sigh* I love a fair, equal fight, but sometimes we’re just too organized for our own good. Most of the weekend we ran scenarios with Pylith, Saaz, Organdonar, Banofir, Vanhellings, myself and our newest member, Cal. A good time was had by all, except the Destruction, I suppose.

But our goal was to get many more of us to level 40, and that wasn’t happening as quickly as we would have liked with mere scenarios. We decided instead to PVE our way (ie. AE grind a chapter 22 quest in Caledor). However, my husband, Saaz, and I have a hard time staying awake when PVEing. We trekked to Fred Meyer and bought our first ever coffee pot:

Well, we figured out how to use it (I still feel dumb typing this) and we also got to stay up until past midnight because we drank way too much coffee after 3 p.m. Ugh. That sucked. At some point we also made a brief appearance at Bastion Stair, which we weren’t terribly impressed with and we aren’t sure if we really want to go back.

Cal made an interesting post regarding Bastion Stair and other PVE-oriented loot on our forums. He explained to us die-hard PVPers what the PVE gear is for (because we don’t really want to PVE our way to victory in any game). I, for one, am hoping Cal’s predictions hold true:

The fun part is that this all changes in 1.1, if rumors are to be believed. No one is quite sure how that’s going to happen, at this point. If I were a gambling man, I’d gamble on all pieces in a set dropping in PvP from someone of that level renown rank. At least, that’s what makes the most sense to me.

I would love Mythic so much if they did this.

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Our first 40 and PVP report

Congratulations to Pylith for being Fight on the Flag’s first level 40! Pylith was behind the rest of us by about two weeks because he was in Texas cleaning up after hurricane Ike. And we were worried! Hah. Pylith persisted and outleveled us all.

He hoped Sunday would be the day, so we started off with some scenarios, but soon found an excellent AE grind spot and sat there for a few hours. We went to lunch and came back and decided to finish up in the scenarios. I managed to get a screenshot of the moment:

We would also like to thank Enelira and the many Destruction who were slain before her who made this possible. Needless to say we all look forward to the day when we are 40 and can RVR instead of do scenarios all day.

Otherwise we had much fun running scenarios and some open RVR on Sunday. For once we ran scenarios that were not Serpent’s Passage:

Grovad Cavarns was a nice change of pace and we won one game 400-2. Destruction isn’t usually that bad so I wonder what that was about.

We also had some fun in open RVR this weekend. We took an objective in Dragonwake and ran into a group of Destruction when trying to take the objective near their war camp. Good fights all :)

No leaderboards this week. I think the Herald Web site is wonky due to the recent server transfers.

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Squig milk and leader boards

This weekend we did a lot of PVP. I have few screenshots to prove it though, save one:

That’s Pylith on the left, in the pink.

The assault was interesting to start. When we got there the outer doors were closed, so we all had to die on NPCs while Nerdgasm ressed us up top. We finished the inner door and tried to go up top, but the few defenders easily wiped us. Oh well, back to Serpent’s Passage with this disturbing report:

Um. I didn’t know squigs were mammals.*shudder*


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