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PVPing with standards now!

It’s not that we didn’t have standards — we always have (see the rules section). But this is a different kind of standard, our guild standard! It’s another type of flag we can fight on. Our standard currently gives us toughness and action point regen, so it’s super useful.

And though the standard costs 2 gold if we lose it, we figured it was worth the expense. After all, we do have every type of tradeskiller in the game within our guild. What else would we spend our money on?

Oh yeah, dyes. We’ve decided to currently run with chainmail gray as our wardrobe enhancement of choice. Apparently player-crafted dyes with cultivation/apothecary are incredibly rare. I’ve skilled up both to 175/149 and I have only gotten two pigments. They’re both brown, a lame color.

Anyway, we did some Isha’s Temple and Tor Anroc yesterday. And I finally got a pic of two people flying into the lava.

In other news, we finally reached guild rank 10. Saaz and I will pick the colors and the heraldry sometime. There’s an incredible number of choices, and you can’t change it later. If anyone knows of a heraldry builder please post it in the comments section. I’ve been trying to find one without success.

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Tor Anroc, lava and leveling

For the uninitiated, Tor Anroc is simply awesome. At least it is for me, when I go in with at least one other friend. I love the mechanic of being able to knock people into the lava. Eventually every character gets the ability to knockback.

As you can see, I knocked back three people with this blow (I’m in the blue dress). I think only the guy on the left went into the lava, I’m not sure. I’ll have more time to practice my screenshots for this later. It’s a very precise operation, really

Friday night, Fight on the Flag had five people queueing for Tor Anroc specifically. I think that’s our favorite scenario. And we also had our first perfect game:

This means none of the Order side died at all, including the guy with the bauble (quite a feat for the healers). The other team had adequate levels, and a couple of healers. I for one will not try to level past 31 unless it is in PVP.

The leveling bonus is gone, and I say good riddance. The population was just starting to feel balanced, while I prefer an underdog server. Hopefully it’s not in favor of Order now, because that’s what we wanted to avoid.

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Weekend review: PVE and PVP

Ugh, the 20s are slooooww leveling! And boring if the PVP queues aren’t popping. A few of us decided to push the envelope and return to a tried and true method: AE grinding.

There’s not much out there by way of information, if anyone was wondering. There are no guides to grinding AE style yet (though there are other guides to leveling). For those who came from Warcraft and are wondering: mob grinding and scenario queues are the fastest way to level from what I hear. Quests, as the fellow in the link says, are not worth the time and effort if you want to maximize your experience per hour.

AE grinding goes waaay back for long-time FotF members. One of our members has a video of a rather large pull from Avalon City in our DAOC days (I’ll ask around and put it on YouTube). Throughout the weekend we did some AE grinding, which was a heck of a lot faster than questing, mixed in with scenarios.

I’ve not been as great a photographer in recent weeks. We just moved and I just reinstalled photoshop, so now we’re in business. Expect a weekly report, since we mostly play on weekends anyway.

PVP report below the fold:


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