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Skull Throne report: Tier 2

Saturday and Sunday were the first two days I really had to play in T2. Mostly before, I was PVEing during the week before work. Mornings are never a good time to find action. Order did not disappoint. We had a group-and-a-half of Fight on the Flag queueing together for much of the day Sunday.

It was such a blast!


Fighting on the flag in Phoenix Gate

And on some occasions, we managed to get nine of our guildies in the same scenario! Sorry Order, I felt sorry for some of you guys. You definitely put up a great fight.


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Pylith + Rugbyrat = BFF

It’s cool the way you form friendships even across realm lines. I’ve seen Rugbyrat often on the battlefield. He’s always willing to charge out and fight even if his team is hopelessly lost.

Here he’s trying to give Pylith a hug… I think… Be careful Rugby!

So anyway, on Sundays the Order tends to take keeps around noon eastern time. Why don’t we see Destro defending? :( My theory is they are all in Sunday School.


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Enemies at the Gate

Saturday our guild participated in its first keep defense. It brought back great memories of our guild in DAOC.

Guild members hold back the Destruction forces in Stonetroll Keep’s courtyard.

Throughout the day we had played in Stonetroll Crossing, another scenario, but for the 12-21 level set. Basically you grab a ball and pacify (and by pacify they mean exterminate) three different troll camps. We decided two of our newer members needed renown gear so we headed toward a keep, which subsequently came under attack.

Timmm, who plays a bright wizard, was initially shy to jump in the middle of the fray, but once we explained that we’d keep him alive throughout the semi-suicidal effort he was more than eager to use his point-blank, area-of-effect spell to down the Destruction forces. When Destruction had the keep’s door down, Timmm jumped in the middle of the ram and we must have killed 20-30 people by ourselves. The entire raid was in full-flee mode after that. We didn’t hold the keep, though, due to overwhelming numbers and a rather disorganized warband. But we did have a great time last night!

Also, please welcome our new members, Vanhellings and Defleshedz!

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