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Whacky titles and naked fighting

One thing I like about Warhammer is the achievement system. You get titles for every crazy thing, including fighting naked in RVR or talking with NPCs while you’re naked (ie meaning no clothes, though jewelry and weapons are OK).

Our newest member, Brinn, and I tackled some Nordenwatches, he with his Engineer and me with my Witch Hunter.

He’s fighting on top of the flag, and my corpse!

I don’t want to spoil all of the fun, but some titles you can get for naked gaming “The Showoff,” “Vain” and “The Celebrity.” The best way to get some of these titles is to fight naked in your first levels. You don’t have much equipment then anyway, and the titles are earned pretty quickly.

By the way, if anyone is wondering where some of these new members are from, I’ve been a member of The Safehouse for several years now. I started back when I was playing a rogue in EQ. My rogue only got to level 16, but I stayed for the discussion.

Finally, a picture I forgot to post from Sunday of a keep siege we attempted. I say attempted because, just like in DAOC, people are disorganized and don’t tend to follow orders well. We also hadn’t sieged a keep before so there was some uncertainty on the leadership side.

I hear on good authority one of our founding members is back from Texas. Welcome back. Hopefully we’ll see him this weekend!

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For the record, if you want to level while PVPing you should fly to the Chaos vs. Empire zone and queue from there. While the other scenarios are fun, it’s a much longer wait. And so all five of our members have been doing quests in that area to take advantage of the much faster queue times.

So a few days ago, Perle, Saaz, Organdonar and Arle all entered
Nordenwatch together and basically butchered the Chaos forces. It’s not hard to do so with a somewhat organized group. Saaz is a swordmaster, Organ is a runemaster and Arle and I are archmages… Three healers to one tank. They couldn’t even dent Saaz.

Saaz, in white, with Organdonar, Arle and Perle healing.

Unfortunately logic was not the word of the day. Despite our organization, not everyone was on board with our tactics.


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Fight on the Flag: on Gorfang

It looks like only three of us made it to Warhammer after quitting WoW for more than half a year. Saaz, Organdonar and I formed the guild with three others who were generous enough to run all the way down in Altdorf and wait while we figured out how to form the guild. In any case, here’s the picture of the founders (Kyle excepted because he’s somewhere in Texas fixing some Hurricane Ike victim’s electrical systems).

Swordmaster Saaz, Archmage Perle and Runepriest Organdonar

We started out on the Averheim server, but yesterday evening it was nearly full. We decided instead to roll on Gorfang because it was medium/high for Order/Destruction. The blood is just as red on either server.

Pew pew pew!

In this game we can level while we PVP. Even if you’re level one your level gets boosted to level eight while in the scenario. But you’ll be really squishy because you have no gear. Level 11s will kill you fast.

We ran a few games of Eye of the Storm Nordenwatch. There are two other scenarios for low levels, Khaine’s Embrace and Gates of Ekrund, but Nordenwatch seems to queue the fastest.

For new people checking us out, I plan to write these missives more frequently now that the game is out. For what you can expect as far as what we do in this guild, check back to March 2008 and before. Also read the about page, the guild page and the rules.

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