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Mind your Manor: Better homes and gardens issue

It is traditional to host a housewarming party when one takes up a new residence. According to Emily Post, the party is hosted by the homeowner to welcome friends and family to their new home. Schwenderhalle Manor is a prime piece of real estate with views of the river and within sight of the Reikwald Fortress. Fight on the Flag and some members of Knights of Valor and Obliteration took up residence. It was supposed to be a good time.

Unfortunately Destruction is not aware of the rules of etiquette. We had our King Keg out and they wanted to walk right in, completely uninvited! This outrage did not go unanswered. We repelled them for a good 10-20 minutes.


Alas, the beer ran dry and Destruction was able to make it into our new home.


They ransacked the place and had their way with the dwarves. I’ll never look at a beard the same way again.

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FotFail: BO failure last weekend

I thought I’d also show the failures of our RVR attempts. Sunday in Chaos Wastes, we were trying to prevent a BO capture. Problem was, we were in the far south of the zone when it was taken, and the BO was to the north. We decided to try to kill Destro anyway, even though we wouldn’t get the cap. (Click HQ for high quality.)

YouTube Preview Image

Ugh, nine verses at least a warband. That was really painful.

For those of you on Twitter, I wanted to let you know that Fight on the Flag now has a Twitter account. Actually, we started it a long time ago, back when we started the game, and haven’t used it since. I plan to use TweetDeck to follow other Warhammer tweeters.

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South KV keep defense

Thought I would throw up another video of FOTF/TS taking down two warbands of Destruction at the south keep in Kadrin Valley. This was one of those ultimate Warhammer moments I will never forget. (Click HQ to view in high quality.)

YouTube Preview Image

Khaevil was talking in this, but unfortunately I had him muted (we are in the same room after all).

I was really skeptical that we would win this fight, and yet we did. Look at all of the Destruction! I am pretty sure we were the only people there. If we weren’t there was maybe a handful of Order with us. Great teamwork all around!

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Guild tactic selection discussion and patch notes

From Saaz/Khaevil on the forums:

Starting at guild rank five we’ve been getting a guild tactic every level. The choice in these appears to be unchangeable so it needs to be made carefully. We will eventually have three standards and six standard bearers, allowing two groups to run around with nine bonuses at once.

But our tactics are not respecable, so we have to be careful about what we get. Currently we have the tactic that gives us 30 percent action point regen, and 5 percent renown gain. He lists the tactics in the forums or you can view them on the Warhammer Wiki

Let’s have a discussion about what we want. We will be specing our tactics for end-game RVR, so please keep that in mind.

Also, Mythic introduced patch 1.03. Here are some of the notes that apply to RVR:

  • Reduced the interaction time required to deploy a guild standard
  • Reduced the interaction time required for players to pick up standards that they own. Please Note: This does not include the capturing of enemy standards.
  • Capturing an enemy standard will now reward the capturing player and his nearby allies with renown.
  • While going over the data collected for renown gained by healing, we discovered a few incorrect values that led to players earning far more renown than designed.  To ensure equal renown gains for players regardless of their chosen career and whether they group or not inside scenarios, we have made several adjustments to the way renown is granted from healing other players:
  • Earning renown from healing players was erroneously granting renown while outside of RvR.  This has been adjusted so getting renown for healing players outside of RvR or from a player that is not RvR flagged will occur less frequently.
  • Healing players will grant renown correctly if the healed player has earned renown from killing other players recently.

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