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Why Starcraft 2 is Firefly Online in disguise

I’ve enjoyed my time off from gaming, but I knew I had to try Starcraft 2 when it came out. One of the first things my husband introduced me to when we started dating was Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness. This started my love affair with Blizzard’s series of real-time strategy games. I have liked each of Blizzard’s RTS titles, from Diablo to Starcraft and the aforementioned Warcraft series.

Starcraft 2 is an amazing addition to the Blizzard RTS family. The graphics are top notch, and a huge, huge upgrade from the previous Starcraft.

But as I am playing the game, I cannot help but think: parts of this storyline seems awfully familiar. I’ve been having fun with it so far, replacing “Dominion” with Firefly’s “Alliance,” and Jim Raynor, leader of the resistance, for Malcom Reynolds, the pilot of Serenity. There is even a mission with trains!


Raynor kind of looks like Mal, if you give Mal a beard and about 20 years.

I saw Firefly and Serenity for the first time last year. I know, I know. I’m a bit late to the game considering the series came out in 2002. Busy people, no TV and a general lack of desire to even watch TV all contributed to this serious lack in my nerd education. I haven’t participated in passionate online debate about the meaning of certain aspects of the series, like “who the hell is Shepherd Book anyway?”

Once you leave the Mar Sara missions it loses the Firefly feeling. I loved the storyline and cannot wait for future installments.

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