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PVPing with standards now!

It’s not that we didn’t have standards — we always have (see the rules section). But this is a different kind of standard, our guild standard! It’s another type of flag we can fight on. Our standard currently gives us toughness and action point regen, so it’s super useful.

And though the standard costs 2 gold if we lose it, we figured it was worth the expense. After all, we do have every type of tradeskiller in the game within our guild. What else would we spend our money on?

Oh yeah, dyes. We’ve decided to currently run with chainmail gray as our wardrobe enhancement of choice. Apparently player-crafted dyes with cultivation/apothecary are incredibly rare. I’ve skilled up both to 175/149 and I have only gotten two pigments. They’re both brown, a lame color.

Anyway, we did some Isha’s Temple and Tor Anroc yesterday. And I finally got a pic of two people flying into the lava.

In other news, we finally reached guild rank 10. Saaz and I will pick the colors and the heraldry sometime. There’s an incredible number of choices, and you can’t change it later. If anyone knows of a heraldry builder please post it in the comments section. I’ve been trying to find one without success.

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