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Wood now useful in Warhammer! Woot

Hot off the hot fix presses at EAMythic, a new change to keep doors:

Realm vs. Realm

Keep doors will no longer respawn after being destroyed. Players must now use the “Wood” purchased from Door Repair merchants to rebuild a destroyed Keep door.

When I told my guildies of this change this afternoon, the response was a resounding “Awesome.” And it is clear that FOTF members are not alone in being happy with this change.

We all remember what keep takes and assaults in DAOC were like, and frantically repairing the door before another assault wave hit was part of the fun. I think about how we all carried various levels of wood with us (many times to the point of encumbrance), and another member had a spreadsheet that told us what kind or how much wood to use depending on the door’s level and state of repair.


All long-time DAOC fans will be able to appreciate this. I never had a strong opinion of the previous door situation, where doors automatically repaired after 15 minutes. I have to admit it was kind of frustrating to have the doors close behind us, but the added bonus was the epic gatehouse defenses we had when Destro thought they had pinned us down.

Unfortunately I’ve not had a chance to test this new feature. I have a lot of questions about how it will work (Can we repair in combat? How much wood does it take? Can you get super wood in game with ordinance? Because that would be cool!). Now the door repair merchants will have a use! I will be sure to stock up on stacks of wood to test it out soon!

And for old times’ sake, our Doorhammer video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Welcome to Doorhammer!

After a long break, mostly due to work and creating the following content, I am now back with an exciting post for a new mini-game based on Mythic’s Warhammer came.

Now presenting: Doorhammer Online: Age of Carpentry!

Do you like to fall asleep due to the boredom of capturing keeps? Do you go AFK while you make your 5-year-old push the button for fireball over and over? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then check out Doorhammer Online!


Watch the exciting trailer for the newest chapter in Mythic’s epic adventure! If RVR contains too much excitement for your tastes, then you’ll love the excitement of Realm vs Door that Doorhammer Online affords your playstyle!

(Watch in HQ)

YouTube Preview Image

I realize on most populated servers, doors probably go down in less than five minutes. During one run at a keep, it took one warband of people only on the door (the other warband was guarding posterns) roughly 30 minutes to down the doors.

Andora says it best at about 39 seconds in: “It’s so boring!”

There have been many calls for Mythic to merge Gorfang to a more populated server. Blazeric, another Gorfang blogger, has also called for a server merge. Consider this another.

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Ultimate Dragonwake ORVR fight

I’ve been playing around with Fraps quite a lot lately. Here is another fight from May 17, where FOTF, TS and some other folks ran to look for the Destro zerg. And boy, did we find them!

What followed was a fight from the big bridge in Dragonwake all the way to the Destruction warcamp. The fight actually lasted about seven minutes, but I compressed the entire thing down to three. Enjoy!

(Watch this video in HQ mode.)

YouTube Preview Image

Such an intense, crazy fight!

On another note, FOTS (as we now call the combination of Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space) has been avoiding keep assaults. We timed how long it took for us to get through the first and second doors of a rank four keep: nearly half an hour. That was with two warbands banging on the door.

By the way, no new videos until I get a special project completed. Hopefully I will have more word of said project in the coming week.

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Keep doors and Perle’s first PVP video!

Yesterday’s PVP wasn’t too bad. Granted, the doors in our path are so high-level that it literally takes us an hour to get through two of them. It’s getting to be ridiculous.


Realm vs. Door is an entirely new kind of fight. It’s filled with long stretches of boredom and periodic killing.


Anyway, here’s a video of some of the PVP action. This was from a short fight (about 3-4 minutes) at Chillwind Manor after we got tired of trying to bash the doors down.

I should mention there were just seven members in the group (you can see from the video in my Squared interface). I am guessing there were at least three groups of Destro in Chillwind (someone had a mod that said about 22 Destro were at the BO).

YouTube Preview Image

(Click the HQ button for higher quality)

I apologize for the spliced video clips in there (there are three). I only have the trial version of Fraps, which only allows 30-second clips. We actually almost wiped at one point, but because me lying on the ground staring at a wall is boring I did not include that clip.

Feeback on my video capturing is welcome. My feedback to the Destro: Don’t go AFK at a Battlefield Objective!

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