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The official FOTF recruitment drive!

Do you want to pwn Destro 24/7? Do you want to get up at 2 a.m. just to start that fortress push and catch Destro off guard?

Sorry, we have lives and jobs and spouses and kids. We’re going to bed at a reasonable hour and probably won’t catch up on the server drama until well after it’s blown over.

But if you enjoy killing Destro with strategy, making great friends, playing as a team and the occasional beach camping episode in Serpent’s Passage, check us out.

We do have rules. In short:

  • We want our members to learn from mistakes and to not complain too heavily about the battles we’ve lost. Lose a fight? Dust yourself off and continue the battle.
  • Guild members must download and use Ventrilo. You must also have a working microphone. Download a copy of Ventrilo here. There is no exception to this rule.
  • The object of playing a game is to have fun. We always try to have a good time!
  • Do not be annoying. We also want guild members to be at least age 18.

If you want to check us out, just do a /who flag and ask any member online or register and post on the forums. We do not have an application process but we do require a conversation in Ventrilo (pretty much to make sure you have Vent/mic). Our play hours are mostly on the weekend, though many of us play on weekdays as well.

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Cracking down on Ventrilo violations

To reiterate one of our rules: #4 Everyone must download Ventrilo and have a working microphone. The reason why is listed in the rules:

Guild leaders have played PVP games for almost a decade in some cases and are not used to reading to communicate with teammates.

For the most part everyone is pretty good about downloading the program and getting on Vent when we PVP (the only time it’s required). But I’ve heard all kinds of excuses for why they can’t talk/don’t have a mic:

  • My dog/cat/child ate my microphone last week
  • I have a cold
  • My computer is in the living room and I don’t want to disturb people

I am here to tell you the excuses will no longer fly. From now on, everyone who is going to PVP with the guild will have a working microphone and should not be shy to use it.

More harping below…


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The birth of Rule #7: No one under 18 allowed

Every rule is born because of someone. We decided not to embarrass him too much, so we’re not going to name him. But his constant annoying manner grated on many members of <Fight on the Flag>. As such, we did two things in his honor: created a new guild rank called “STFU and Level,” which silenced people of that rank.

The second is we created a special rule: Nobody under 18 allowed.

Screen shot proof below…


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