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King on farm, VL and more

I took a brief break from the blog after a business trip. Here’s a quick update.

Obliteration and FOTF have been running King together for the past month or so. We’ve definitely got it down. Loot is rolling in and people are progressing. We have almost a full warband of Warlord geared people and we are bringing in people who are nearly high enough to wear Warlord as we can.


FOTF is also trying to run through VL but the darn thing is so buggy half the time we get frustrated and leave.


We have killed through boss six and only briefly saw boss seven last weekend. Not too bad for only trying for a couple of weeks I say.

Finally Sunday morning we were out and decided to stop the Destro zone flips. The Destro apparently gave up after we stopped them, a shame considering we were vastly outnumbered. I guess they just want their freenown (free renown) as fast as they can get it and it doesn’t occur to them to try to, oh I don’t know, fight people for it?


In any case we are still having fun and still trying to kill Destro at every turn. On another note we are not recruiting anymore. We got some fabulous new guildies and learned quite a bit about those who did not make it through the initiate phase.

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The official FOTF recruitment drive!

Do you want to pwn Destro 24/7? Do you want to get up at 2 a.m. just to start that fortress push and catch Destro off guard?

Sorry, we have lives and jobs and spouses and kids. We’re going to bed at a reasonable hour and probably won’t catch up on the server drama until well after it’s blown over.

But if you enjoy killing Destro with strategy, making great friends, playing as a team and the occasional beach camping episode in Serpent’s Passage, check us out.

We do have rules. In short:

  • We want our members to learn from mistakes and to not complain too heavily about the battles we’ve lost. Lose a fight? Dust yourself off and continue the battle.
  • Guild members must download and use Ventrilo. You must also have a working microphone. Download a copy of Ventrilo here. There is no exception to this rule.
  • The object of playing a game is to have fun. We always try to have a good time!
  • Do not be annoying. We also want guild members to be at least age 18.

If you want to check us out, just do a /who flag and ask any member online or register and post on the forums. We do not have an application process but we do require a conversation in Ventrilo (pretty much to make sure you have Vent/mic). Our play hours are mostly on the weekend, though many of us play on weekdays as well.

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A tribute to Rugbyrat, now accepting apps!

It is my sad duty to report that Rugbyrat is no longer with us. He didn’t die or anything. He quit the game.

Rugbyrat was a formidable opponent. He was also very entertaining. He would charge out even if there was no hope of winning, and he always had a friendly /wave at the ready. It all started back in November, when we discovered Rugby in a scenario. Riamin was playing his Bright Wizard, Pylith. I can’t remember who waved at who first, but an epic, cross-realm friendship was born.

Sadly since Rugby is quitting the game, it leaves a void in our fuzzy Order hearts. So it is to this end that I open up applications for Riamin’s BFF.


  • You must play for Destruction. No Order allowed!
  • Must be a tank class.
  • You should probably play during the same times Riamin does. Roughly, he plays most weekends and evenings. He has a job like a normal person.
  • Must have a good sense of humor and enjoy being fetched/punted.


  • We will always wave at you if we see you in a scenario.
  • We will take screenshots of you and post about you occasionally on our blog and on the forums. (See examples here.)
  • Sometimes we’ll kill everyone else first in oRVR and scenarios.
  • You have a chance to be punted instead of killed.
  • A fabulous subscription to the Cake of the Month Club *


  • You will probably die in unusual ways.
  • Destro will make fun of you because you’re making friends with froofy Order.

Applications can be accepted on our guild forums. Make a post to introduce yourself and tell us why you’d like to be Riamin’s BFF. We’re looking forward to filling that void in our lives.

* You must purchase the Cake of the Month Club subscription yourself.

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