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Pig farming 101

I am pretty sure when we started playing Warhammer that we never thought we would turn into pigs. Yet, here we are, one year after we bought the game and started playing together.


It’s made PVP… interesting. I can’t count the number of times my guildies have commented that this is probably the lamest live event Mythic has created to date. How did that office conversation go?

Dev 1: Hey guys, let’s come up with a live event to celebrate our one-year anniversary!

Dev 2: Great idea, how about we make a bunch of PVE content that PVPers have to complete in order to remain competitive! That’s how we celebrate the anniversary of our awesome, RVR game.

Dev 1: Yeah, and I just got done watching Deliverance, can we turn people into pigs too?

Dev 2: Awesome. Let’s do it.

Dev 1: As a bonus, let’s create a rare-drop pocket item that drops only in PVP and has no known practical use. The irony will drive our player base mad!

I’m pretty sure that’s how that conversation went.

In other news, FOTF continues to plow through PVE content to try to make sure we have the best gear available to us so we can PVP.


We had out first unassisted N’Kari kill on Destruction side, and it was a great fight. We one shotted her very quickly. Hardly anything went wrong though I am sure I can speak for the healers in that it was a difficult fight.

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Altdorf siege and a healer gear rant


Saturday morning we sieged Altdorf after pushing zones for several hours. After getting into Altdorf, however, we were unsuccessful in pushing to stage two. It appears the best defense from a city siege is no defense at all.

Of course there was the usual complaining on the forums about the broken city mechanic. Who can blame them? It seems in every patch, whether it be with inventory issues, Lost Vale or not seeing objectives on the map, something is broken.

What is more frustrating to me, however, is the impact gear has on the game. Gear matters far more than most people realize.


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Why Order wins fortress assaults on PT

Order really knows how to assault a fortress. Yes, they pop cap the fort just like Gorfang does. And yet, Gorfang cannot assault a fortress unless nobody is there to defend.

Here’s why:


Check out that Order zerg at the zone line to Fell Landing. They are waiting for the first push to wipe. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out, guys. Really, the last time I saw a pop capped fort on Gorfang, the people who didn’t get in were pouting and screaming in region chat about the injustice of it all.

This is a seriously organized group of Order that we are fighting. All the more challenge for us here on Phoenix Throne.


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