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Zergarrific fights in CW, patch notes

First, the fights. Order was bent on capping the Chaos pairing. There must have been 4-5 warbands of order and I don’t know how many Destro. For the first time since I can remember Order seemed to outnumber Destro, but not by much.

Here is a pic at Chokethorn Bramble BO. That is just the front of the vast Destro zerg. (Click pic to embiggen)


FotF ran with our good friends in Obliteration. Since both guilds are fans of using assist, getting in vent and working together, we  wiped the Destro nearly every time we faced them.

We also ran scenarios together, although some people had trouble with Queue Queuer:


On another note, the 1.3.4 patch notes are here. There is a pretty long discussion on the Gorfang forums lamenting the loss of such scenarios as Serpent’s Passage, Caledor Woods and Logrin’s Forge. Really Mythic? This makes me a sad panda :( Why are these scenarios unpopular? I saw Serpents pop way more than Dragon’s Bane.

Here is the list of scenario offerings:

* The following Scenarios now make up the regularly-offered list: Nordenwatch, Gates of Ekrund, Mourkain Temple, Phoenix Gate, Highpass Cemetery and Battle for Praag. The breakdown of when these Scenarios are offered is as follows:
* Tier 1
- Nordenwatch
- Gates of Ekrund
* Tier 2
- Nordenwatch
- Gates of Ekrund
- Mourkain Temple
* Tier 3
- Nordenwatch
- Gates of Ekrund
- Mourkain Temple
- Phoenix Gate
- Highpass Cemetery
* Tier 4
- Nordenwatch
- Gates of Ekrund
- Mourkain Temple
- Phoenix Gate
- Highpass Cemetery
- Battle for Praag

With the possible exception of Phoenix Gate and Battle for Praag, your team can win every one of those scenarios by avoiding the fight. The scenarios that were removed seemed to favor single-point battles. The lower-tier scenarios that were removed were a rite of passage, as Mezirah stated on the Gorfang forums.

tor anroc was a rite of passage. isha introduced dynamic LOS pvp.

LOS pvp is incredibly important for strategic defenses and offenses. Why they removed Temple of Isha I will never know. It was one of my favorite scenarios leveling up, along with Tor Anroc. It is a shame they are removing these scenarios. (Here is a link to one of FOTF’s early reports from Tor Anroc. Here is a screenshot of Temple of Isha.)

But at least we won’t have to do Thunder Valley anymore.

On a positive note they are adding weapons that you can buy with new scenario currency. So when we are bored out of our minds doing the same scenarios over and over at least we will have something to look forward to.

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Weekend roundup: warlord loot, zerging and a friend returns

We had a very fun and productive weekend. First off, a few FOTF members got Warlord gear from the king captures over the weekend (myself excluded). This is great news for those of us who had tried 40 or 50 times to get Darkpromise breastplates.

We also had some really fun fights in BOs this weekend!


Here, the manor in Eataine (click to embiggen).

We were flipping zones like pros and almost made it to stage 2 on Sunday’s IC push for those of us unable to make the first king run. Unfortunately my WB was in the losing city instance. I think either a lot of Order left or a lot of Destro joined (or both) and we lost the last stage 2 event. D’oh! Maybe next time.

Destro was definitely out in force.


I was proud of how our realm did in almost defeating them during prime time. Destro must have been taking a break after beating our king Sunday morning or more would’ve shown up for that effort.


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Welcome to… Jurassic Park!

This weekend was much like the others. Destruction were zerging and Order didn’t have many options other than to run scenarios to find even fights.


Even so, we tried to run in oRVR. Unfortunately I had limited play time this weekend but the rest of the crew hopefully had some fun. When I was online, here’s what we saw. I forget who said it but someone said it looked like Jurassic Park. I ran up to get a screenshot:


For a full-size version, click here!

This was the last thing I saw before the loading screen.


Owie! I guess they couldn’t refuse a chance at a royal.

We did have some good fights though! Saturday we held the manor for what seemed like forever. The Destro kept coming back again and again. FOTF and friends had 2-3 groups if I recall, and another group or two was in there with us.


Good times (and dead Destro) were had by all.

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Mind your Manor: Better homes and gardens issue

It is traditional to host a housewarming party when one takes up a new residence. According to Emily Post, the party is hosted by the homeowner to welcome friends and family to their new home. Schwenderhalle Manor is a prime piece of real estate with views of the river and within sight of the Reikwald Fortress. Fight on the Flag and some members of Knights of Valor and Obliteration took up residence. It was supposed to be a good time.

Unfortunately Destruction is not aware of the rules of etiquette. We had our King Keg out and they wanted to walk right in, completely uninvited! This outrage did not go unanswered. We repelled them for a good 10-20 minutes.


Alas, the beer ran dry and Destruction was able to make it into our new home.


They ransacked the place and had their way with the dwarves. I’ll never look at a beard the same way again.

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Our mojo — It’s back!

It was a tough couple of weeks, but I think we’ve found our groove again! We hadn’t played Order for four months when we returned to Gorfang (we spent two months on Phoenix Throne and two in, er, Aion). The corpses piled up and we had a grand time in RVR, which is nearly constant these days.

We spent lots of quality time near flags (even if they weren’t owned by our realm).



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Sunday curbstomp

As per usual, the battles this weekend were amazing. In some cases, they were a bit more than we wanted. Sometimes we were outnumbered 3:1 or more. When we saw five Bright Wizards running at us followed by a sea of red, we got a bit frustrated and demoralized.


Understandable right? We decided to take the battle to a place we thought we could hold, the house BO in south Praag.


We were dominated there, too, but not without taking an equal number of Order down with us.  No, we didn’t install new carpet. Just look at all that napalm!

Our best fight of the day was at Squiggly Beast Pens when Destruction was trying to flip Black Crag. At the time I think we had eight people, and not all of them were 40. We wiped once, and just in time the reinforcement zerg came to res us and kill the enemy. It was grand.

Again and again, the Order force advanced, and yet we parted the red sea of names with ease. After all, we did have Moses on our side.


Lost Vale wasn’t as successful this past week. We didn’t get past Gorak (the lightning guy). Any tanks interested in running with us? Give us a holler. We run on Saturday mornings, 7 a.m. PST, but can probably change the time depending on need.

Inspired to play or resubscribe to Warhammer after reading this blog? Send Perle a PM on the Warhammer Alliance forums with your first name and e-mail address. The message goes directly to her e-mail. She can then hook you up with a 10-day free trial of the game.

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Destro nerd rage

Apparently Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space is being blamed for a recent rash of Destruction members quitting the game. Many of these posts were made Sunday and Monday (visit to see for yourself). (Edited to add direct links to posts: We reap what we sow, canceled, FOTF/TS moved to Phoenix Throne read some of the hate in that one)

It was too much for one Destruction member to take. Visit the official forums here.

I am ashamed to admit that I read his post to guildies in vent, at times laughing so hard that I couldn’t even speak.

Destro tried multiple attempts to counter the bomb teams.  Spreading out, hunting the healers, and silencing.  All to no avail.  Cave BOs were massacres.  I believe they took out 2 warbands at one point.

My guess is they didn’t try coordination and teamwork, getting on vent and using an assist train. You can’t try these tactics once, lose a few times and then decide it doesn’t work. It requires discipline and teamwork to initiate.


This is a terrible picture of the end of a seriously epic fight where we had six players against more than a warband of Destruction. Initially they were in the cave at the East BO in Thunder Mountain. They were just leaving the cave when we rolled in. We were dead if not for a very very lucky res by Organdonar. He died right as I got the res, and I hid and ressed him, and from there we got everyone up.

At the end of the fight, the adrenalin was pumping so hard through my body I was literally shaking. I think it was one of the best fights we’ve ever had in Warhammer.

Would we have been able to do this without communication? Hell no! If Destruction were halfway organized we would have failed then, too.

Instead of them working together, they are ragequitting over something they can easily prevent. Fight on the Flag has been working together for 10 years or more in some cases. You can’t overcome that with a three times our numbers in a PUG warband that’s tab targetting the nearest thing to you.


I want to be respectful to our enemies, but it’s hard sometimes when they put forth nearly no effort and cry so much about losing (Hellfish, Turmoil and Tempered Ignorance as the exception of course). I guess the sooner Destro leaves Gorfang the sooner we get our merger, right?

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Lockblocking 101

Fighting over the weekend, especially Saturday, was awesome. Destro really wanted to get into Land of the Dead, but Flags in Space wouldn’t let them! Rumbles at the Battlefield Objectives were pretty good for our tiny server:


Several times we attacked the Destruction in Praag. Most of the time we were repelled by their sheer numbers. This is how fighting should be all of the time. I did take a video of a small fight. I would post more videos but the view from my Archmage is pretty boring.

Sunday we explored Land of the Dead. The officers talked and we discussed how much we want to be chasing gear vs fighting Destruction. Initially we chased gear because we were getting flat-out owned. But now, we seem to do just fine against Destro. We decided that we only want to chase gear when there is no fighting going on (usually early on Saturday/Sunday).

Personally the little I’ve seen of the Tyrant set, I really want it for my Archmage. But the bosses don’t drop the pieces every time /sigh. I really wish Mythic would realize that most people who play this game for PVP do not want to do endless equipment grinds. A few of our members have been running Lost Vale since our very first attempt, and they only need one piece to finish their set.

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Keep doors and Perle’s first PVP video!

Yesterday’s PVP wasn’t too bad. Granted, the doors in our path are so high-level that it literally takes us an hour to get through two of them. It’s getting to be ridiculous.


Realm vs. Door is an entirely new kind of fight. It’s filled with long stretches of boredom and periodic killing.


Anyway, here’s a video of some of the PVP action. This was from a short fight (about 3-4 minutes) at Chillwind Manor after we got tired of trying to bash the doors down.

I should mention there were just seven members in the group (you can see from the video in my Squared interface). I am guessing there were at least three groups of Destro in Chillwind (someone had a mod that said about 22 Destro were at the BO).

YouTube Preview Image

(Click the HQ button for higher quality)

I apologize for the spliced video clips in there (there are three). I only have the trial version of Fraps, which only allows 30-second clips. We actually almost wiped at one point, but because me lying on the ground staring at a wall is boring I did not include that clip.

Feeback on my video capturing is welcome. My feedback to the Destro: Don’t go AFK at a Battlefield Objective!

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Warcamper title, fun fights and more!

There was so much PVP this weekend that I didn’t have time to post. Well, except Sunday morning. Needless to say, our guild achieved another Warhammer first: The Warcamper title!


Yes, I realize that the title is not actually in game yet, but I feel with coaxing, taking over a Warcamp will be recognized by Mythic in some fashion. A Warcamper title would be just the incentive!

Order also had some really pathetic Fortress pushes this weekend. No screenshots yet (we are working on a special project to be unveiled to Mythic after a team member makes a logo).


In other news, the PVP we found was fast and furious. We rolled with mostly FOTF members and Temporal Space.


Of course, other warbands tend to follow us when we are on a roll:


We left a trail of dead Destruction in our wake.


We didn’t win all of our fights, though. Many times when we fought twice our number or more, we did fail.


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