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Solo scenario healer haters unite!

I really don’t know why it bothers me so much, but whenever I see a solo healer in scenarios it makes my blood boil.

Let’s face it, there’s only one real reason to go solo in scenarios: to leech renown. I’ve only gone solo only a few times in scenarios. Most of the time it was because another group left mine and I was alone. But my God, when I do solo, it’s very easy to see why many are tempted.

The guy with the blanked name was solo the entire time (though we mocked him in vent for his failures at healing and gaining renown):


Despite the above screenshot showing the aforementioned healer getting terrible renown, the amount of renown gain for solo healing is probably why the issue is so polarized. You can find many many threads on the forums of people complaining about solo healers soaking up the renown. I’ve seen solo healers getting 13,000 renown in a scenario (of respectable realm rank) while my team gets a pretty high amount, 3,000 to 5,000.

(As a side note: I think Mythic was actually rather forward thinking in choosing to award renown for healing people. In DAOC it used to be you got no renown for heals, but you got a sizable amount of renown for ressing someone after a fight. Many healers would watch someone die only to res them to get the reward.)

So when the healer (shown above in the screenshot) said in alliance chat “Ding RR 70!” everyone was quick to say grats. Everyone but me, because I couldn’t not say something anymore. I had to do it. I said something to the effect of “Grats on 70, solo scenario healer!” One guy said “Grats rescinded.”


I cannot think of one non-selfish reason one should consistently go solo in scenarios on purpose as a healer. The aforementioned solo healer was saying he was a great solo healer and it would be pointless for him to be in a group because he was not group heal specced. Another person sent me a tell in his defense because the guy was trying to get to 70 to be fully warded for king. Fair enough. Maybe we won’t see him solo healing anymore but somehow I doubt it.

I have a few reasons why solo healers should consider grouping instead of going solo:

  • Guard
  • Buffs/chants/auras
  • Teammates being able to protect you better because you’re in the group
  • Getting heals from other people
  • Other people not hating you because you’re a freaking LEECH and we will wish they could tell Destro to kill you so they can enjoy the sweet, sweet Schadenfreude

I don’t think anything should be done about solo scenario healers, however. It’s always nice to see who the selfish players are for future reference.

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Cleanup aisle five!

First off, happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Destro wanted to give us a hug today so we decided to give back in spades. FOTF and Obliteration’s morning crew rolled the few Destro that were in Altdorf this morning. It was incredibly coordinated. Bright Wizards were grouping up as if they had a hive mind.

Cleanup, aisle 5!

Cleanup, aisle 5!

It’s too bad we didn’t have better attackers. I would’ve loved to have seen what our organized group could have done against organized Arsenal. We have faced them before, and whenever they lose resoundingly they tend to leave to find easier pickings. At least we know we can put up a good fight.

Order also downed the King at a fairly reasonable time Saturday night. I was so hyped up afterward that I could hardly sleep. Andora, our SM, got his final piece of Warlord gear and will be able to tank the king as soon as he gets one renown rank. Woot!

Now, in a completely unrelated rant, please inspect the following two screenshots:



See the difference? In both screens, I took a screenshot of the moment the zone was taken by Order. However, in the top version, I only got 192 renown for taking Praag, even though I had been there for both keep takes and a number of Battle Objectives (see above: I had just helped take Armory when the Scenario popped for us). It appears that after joining BFP that I had the idle hands debuff (seven seconds left before scen starts, see ss). This reduces the renown you can earn.

In the second one I was in the Maw when Chaos Wastes flipped. You will notice I got a ton of renown. So in short, there is no incentive to take a scenario when you stand to gain so much from having taken BOs and keeps earlier in the day. This is really something that Mythic ought to fix. ~13,000 renown vs ~200 rewnown? There is really no choice there.

I’ll take the larger figure, please.

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Just wanted to share some screenshots of the Order zerg that I took Saturday night. I am fairly certain more than 200 Order were swarming zones and taking keeps.


Here are more pics from the same location of more Order flowing into the Manor.

By the way, Saturday was the worst night I’ve had in gaming in a very long time. We had double overdog points (I guess that’s what we call them) meaning that Order had attacked Inevitable City twice within 24 hours. That means it takes much longer to cap zones. We couldn’t get enough Victory Points to cap either. Sometimes we were sitting at 105% of required VP and because of the underdog mechanic we couldn’t cap. I hope this was a big reminder to Order to keep those in mind when we schedule a city push.

Long story short, we started at about 8 p.m. Pacific and didn’t get to the city until midnight (major sorrow for the Eastern timezone people). I wanted to stab myself in the face with a screwdriver. We had a good fight at the entrance to Maw. Then in the city my warband just happened to get the one with the halfway decent Destro in it. I was soo tired. Unfortunately we had a lot of random PUGs in the scenario with us. Eventually they left to make way for Irony, but the damage was done.

Fortunately we managed to take the city during the Super Bowl and down the king. Unfortunately for us those of our guildies who watch football socially did not get to join us :( At least it’s one step closer to getting full Warlord for Andora, who will be able to tank the king for us during our future FOTF king runs!

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Zergarrific fights in CW, patch notes

First, the fights. Order was bent on capping the Chaos pairing. There must have been 4-5 warbands of order and I don’t know how many Destro. For the first time since I can remember Order seemed to outnumber Destro, but not by much.

Here is a pic at Chokethorn Bramble BO. That is just the front of the vast Destro zerg. (Click pic to embiggen)


FotF ran with our good friends in Obliteration. Since both guilds are fans of using assist, getting in vent and working together, we  wiped the Destro nearly every time we faced them.

We also ran scenarios together, although some people had trouble with Queue Queuer:


On another note, the 1.3.4 patch notes are here. There is a pretty long discussion on the Gorfang forums lamenting the loss of such scenarios as Serpent’s Passage, Caledor Woods and Logrin’s Forge. Really Mythic? This makes me a sad panda :( Why are these scenarios unpopular? I saw Serpents pop way more than Dragon’s Bane.

Here is the list of scenario offerings:

* The following Scenarios now make up the regularly-offered list: Nordenwatch, Gates of Ekrund, Mourkain Temple, Phoenix Gate, Highpass Cemetery and Battle for Praag. The breakdown of when these Scenarios are offered is as follows:
* Tier 1
- Nordenwatch
- Gates of Ekrund
* Tier 2
- Nordenwatch
- Gates of Ekrund
- Mourkain Temple
* Tier 3
- Nordenwatch
- Gates of Ekrund
- Mourkain Temple
- Phoenix Gate
- Highpass Cemetery
* Tier 4
- Nordenwatch
- Gates of Ekrund
- Mourkain Temple
- Phoenix Gate
- Highpass Cemetery
- Battle for Praag

With the possible exception of Phoenix Gate and Battle for Praag, your team can win every one of those scenarios by avoiding the fight. The scenarios that were removed seemed to favor single-point battles. The lower-tier scenarios that were removed were a rite of passage, as Mezirah stated on the Gorfang forums.

tor anroc was a rite of passage. isha introduced dynamic LOS pvp.

LOS pvp is incredibly important for strategic defenses and offenses. Why they removed Temple of Isha I will never know. It was one of my favorite scenarios leveling up, along with Tor Anroc. It is a shame they are removing these scenarios. (Here is a link to one of FOTF’s early reports from Tor Anroc. Here is a screenshot of Temple of Isha.)

But at least we won’t have to do Thunder Valley anymore.

On a positive note they are adding weapons that you can buy with new scenario currency. So when we are bored out of our minds doing the same scenarios over and over at least we will have something to look forward to.

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A TOVL rant: Why don’t they fix this?

For the longest time FOTF has avoided doing TOVL. There are many reasons, one of which is that PVE content tends to be buggy and we are too lazy to figure out the strats. We decided to start doing TOVL last weekend because the gear is too good to pass up. Our theory is that,  in the time it takes us to do Lost Vale, we can get really nice other loot, including talismans, cartouches and warlord-equivalent stats gear.

Last weekend we downed the first two bosses fairly easily (not bad for the first time in several months). On the third boss we wiped and five of us released. We asked for the sixth to release and when he did, the gates remained closed as if the boss were still in combat. We sent in a stuck appeal and we got no response. Destro owned the zone so we couldn’t just reset. Frustrated, most of us logged for the day.

This morning, we planned to wake up early and do TOVL. We wiped on the first boss and five of us released. The sixth released and yet again the gate was closed (maybe this is a trend?).


(Perle is on the flag, there are six people. Notice the door is closed?)

Again I sent in a stuck appeal and again we got bored after waiting for 30 minutes and getting no response. Finally about 30 minutes after we left the dungeon we got an automated message that they were “looking at the problem.” Pshaw!

Both days the bug prevented us from progressing further. Both days our time was wasted and we become more disenchanted with the game.

Maybe the solution is to release at the same time so we don’t get the bug? I really don’t know. Once everyone is dead the doors should open and that should be that. If someone knows the answer to this please let me know.

I guess this goes to show we will never be done fighting doors.

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