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After a whole week at work I finally got to PVP with the guys Friday. When PVP is hopping I really love this game. Unfortunately what we would consider action is barely a blip on a larger server’s radar.


(Above is a screenshot of Perle getting RR 70)

We had some good fights in Praag. I wish I had Fraps running for some of those fights. It almost felt like that scene in the Matrix where Neo gets attacked by all those agents and they keep coming.

A few of our members announced they are quitting the game. However, I have faith that the game will be rescued. For one, Mark Jacobs has left Mythic, which has been merged with Bioware. I am not sure if that means the game is going to change rapidly or not. But there are some encouraging signs  in a recent producers letter (it takes a while to load sometimes because lots are reading it).

One item that caught my eye, given the recent campaign to try to get Mythic to merge our server, is this passage:

Another area where we frequently receive feedback is population. Whether in terms of Realm balance or overall server population, this continues to be a very important issue for us. We’re looking at some fairly radical approaches on how to best bring the population together. We want to ensure everyone is having fun, but we need to do so in such a way that further imbalances aren’t created overnight as we have seen in the past. There are a lot of ideas on the table, but your satisfaction is our top concern.

It will be interesting to see how they address population in future patches. I am looking forward to PVP changes to city and fortress assaults.

What are your thoughts? Post in the comments below.

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Merge Gorfang please

Check out a post on Warhammer Blog Times by Eyeball. Watch his PVP video in Praag. Watching this fight looks SOO fun! And it makes me so mad that we cannot have this on Gorfang Borefang. I really feel like we are missing out. I watch this video in awe and jealousy.


This is a screenshot of the RVR action at Noon, Saturday, Pacific time. Notice there are no crossed swords? Yeah, me too. I could understand if this were on a weekday, even a weekday evening. But at noon on a weekend?

PVP should not be like this!

Mythic: Please merge this server with another one. Even though you think this is an even population, the RVR is stagnant! People are quitting left and right because there is nothing going on. I’m so tired of playing “Where’s Waldo” with the Destruction.

A few of our members are already on the verge of quitting. The only thing keeping us together is the community Fight on the Flag has built over nearly a decade.

As Crissy in Fight on the Flag said, Mythic made this game for PVP. When there is no PVP, what do you do?

If there is zerg fighting at least you have options: Scenarios, fight the supply lines, try to bait people into small areas. With nobody fighting, you can log, go hang at the mall, get your hair done, finish that root canal, or *shudder* go to a chick flick with your girlfriend. Nobody wants to play Doorhammer.

A few months back, Fight on the Flag rolled on Skull Throne for when the fights here were so bad. We toughed it out for a couple of weeks. But in the end, we decided to return to Gorfang Order because we figured Mythic would merge us eventually.

Obviously this hasn’t happened. My Archmage is nearly rank 70. She would probably be 80 by now if we had more than occasional RVR.

Order and Destruction of Gorfang: Do you agree with this assessment? I know we had tried to start a campaign to merge this server a while ago (official Mythic forum link). The thread has died down and it almost seems as though we have given up. More than 100 people liked that thread enough to star it.

I would like to do another humourous video. All are welcome to participate. I only ask that you try to get the stopwatch from the Rise of the Tomb Kings quest. Other sections of the plot will be written this week, and hopefully I can Fraps some video this coming weekend.

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