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Sorcs are not overpowered — Khaevil is

I have never seen anyone utilize their class the way Khaevil can. He min/maxes in every way, using spreadsheets and dps logs to figure out the best way to WTFpwn the enemy.

I hardly believed my eyes when I saw he got more than 100k damage a minute in a scenario. See for yourself:


Yes, 5:09 minutes, 45 deathblows and 544,121 damage. Of course he’s being backed up by two healers when we go into scenarios, but almost any player who runs premades is bound to have a healer or two in their groups.

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FOTF Completes PVE Content

N’Kari Keeper of Secrets defeated!

Congratulations to FOTF, we finally finished Lost Vale! Not that it was that hard, really, as long as we had at least four wards. This was our third or fourth foray into the zone. Our first attempts were made before our tanks had 5/5 wards. Unfortunately during the previous two runs, we had two Slayer pieces drop, one before the class was even in the game. To everyone’s disappointment, I managed to get 5/6 of my Darkpromise set. I was personally hoping for a Bright Wizard chest because ours doesn’t have his Sentinel piece yet.

The encounter took us about two hours to learn, and if you include the 10-minute run back to the encounter (until we figured out how to reset it) that’s not too bad.

Anyway, enough of that PVE crap. We also took the Inevitable City again. This will make it three for Order, zero for Destruction.

After sacking the statue area.

 We had a good group, but unfortunately we did not have the tanks to complete the second stage. We did confirm that we can tank the hero with a 5/5 Sentinal-warded tank. Unfortunately the only tank there with the wards was Andora. At least we learned something.

On the leader boards, as of Monday morning Grilar got #1 renown for the week in Engineers, bringing him to #9 of all time.

Finally a /wave report, which we haven’t had in a really long time.

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Belated Fortress report, leaderboards and /wave report

The Destruction’s attempt to siege the Fortress was pretty fun. I had never been on a Fortress defense before, so I probably played too conservatively. Apparently the guards worked the Destro hard because many players didn’t have the proper gear.

Here is the Destro attacking Pelgorath’s BO in Dragonwake.

They tried one push and disappeared. After the Fortress siege ended, the Destro near immediately capped all of the keeps and Battle Objectives in Dragonwake. It was smart and coordinated.

Leaderboards and /wave report below.


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Squig milk and leader boards

This weekend we did a lot of PVP. I have few screenshots to prove it though, save one:

That’s Pylith on the left, in the pink.

The assault was interesting to start. When we got there the outer doors were closed, so we all had to die on NPCs while Nerdgasm ressed us up top. We finished the inner door and tried to go up top, but the few defenders easily wiped us. Oh well, back to Serpent’s Passage with this disturbing report:

Um. I didn’t know squigs were mammals.*shudder*


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