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Monday we went to LOTD to knock out some Tombs. A benefit is we check most of them for Destruction. We heard Arsenal was in TOVL and decided to pay a visit (click to embiggen):


We won the battle after disabling the fire trap (to be fair they just arrived as we beat the trap so they must have been pretty far in). Three of our members won purple bags.

Unfortunately when the instance timed out we all got a 30 minute debuff that said we couldn’t join or invade any more Tombs :( ( What was that about? Later someone said that Arsenal was still in there despite us purging their instance. I’m guessing they found some sneaky way to remain there after death.

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Welcome to Doorhammer!

After a long break, mostly due to work and creating the following content, I am now back with an exciting post for a new mini-game based on Mythic’s Warhammer came.

Now presenting: Doorhammer Online: Age of Carpentry!

Do you like to fall asleep due to the boredom of capturing keeps? Do you go AFK while you make your 5-year-old push the button for fireball over and over? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then check out Doorhammer Online!


Watch the exciting trailer for the newest chapter in Mythic’s epic adventure! If RVR contains too much excitement for your tastes, then you’ll love the excitement of Realm vs Door that Doorhammer Online affords your playstyle!

(Watch in HQ)

YouTube Preview Image

I realize on most populated servers, doors probably go down in less than five minutes. During one run at a keep, it took one warband of people only on the door (the other warband was guarding posterns) roughly 30 minutes to down the doors.

Andora says it best at about 39 seconds in: “It’s so boring!”

There have been many calls for Mythic to merge Gorfang to a more populated server. Blazeric, another Gorfang blogger, has also called for a server merge. Consider this another.

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Keep doors and Perle’s first PVP video!

Yesterday’s PVP wasn’t too bad. Granted, the doors in our path are so high-level that it literally takes us an hour to get through two of them. It’s getting to be ridiculous.


Realm vs. Door is an entirely new kind of fight. It’s filled with long stretches of boredom and periodic killing.


Anyway, here’s a video of some of the PVP action. This was from a short fight (about 3-4 minutes) at Chillwind Manor after we got tired of trying to bash the doors down.

I should mention there were just seven members in the group (you can see from the video in my Squared interface). I am guessing there were at least three groups of Destro in Chillwind (someone had a mod that said about 22 Destro were at the BO).

YouTube Preview Image

(Click the HQ button for higher quality)

I apologize for the spliced video clips in there (there are three). I only have the trial version of Fraps, which only allows 30-second clips. We actually almost wiped at one point, but because me lying on the ground staring at a wall is boring I did not include that clip.

Feeback on my video capturing is welcome. My feedback to the Destro: Don’t go AFK at a Battlefield Objective!

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Warcamper title, fun fights and more!

There was so much PVP this weekend that I didn’t have time to post. Well, except Sunday morning. Needless to say, our guild achieved another Warhammer first: The Warcamper title!


Yes, I realize that the title is not actually in game yet, but I feel with coaxing, taking over a Warcamp will be recognized by Mythic in some fashion. A Warcamper title would be just the incentive!

Order also had some really pathetic Fortress pushes this weekend. No screenshots yet (we are working on a special project to be unveiled to Mythic after a team member makes a logo).


In other news, the PVP we found was fast and furious. We rolled with mostly FOTF members and Temporal Space.


Of course, other warbands tend to follow us when we are on a roll:


We left a trail of dead Destruction in our wake.


We didn’t win all of our fights, though. Many times when we fought twice our number or more, we did fail.


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Awesome, amazing PVP weekend

I cannot be more happy with the state of Gorfang than I am right now. The Destruction have returned in force and there are some amazing fights to be had. I only wish my commute didn’t suck (1 hour each way) so I could PVP more :(

View the following screenshots as an example of the fights we were in Sunday (click for higher resolution).

The first two are from two separate attacks on the north Battlefield Objective in Reikland, one from a defense and another from an assault where we are defending from the Destro trying to take it back.

The second two pictures are when 2-3 groups of Order took the far east BO in Caledor and defended against a seemingly insurmountable force of Destruction. They just kept coming and that fight lasted at least 10 minutes, based on my timers from using action point potions. That was an incredibly epic fight.

Destruction succeeded in taking two fortresses at once and entered Altdorf for the first time. Congratulations! (Though the first take was marred by the buggy Fortress lord in Reikwald, d’oh!)

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Defend the Gatehouse!

Last night was easily the most fun I’ve ever had in an MMO to date. What began as an attempt to take Covenant of Flame became an epic battle that lasted more than an hour.

Earlier I started a group of people who wanted to play Nordenwatch. Then another Nordenwatch premade wanted to join us so we could RVR together. Soon I had a three-group warband. We went to Covenant of Flame and joined Bolimor’s warband (I think Deer had a small group also).

That’s when the fun started.

We soon discovered that Destro’s defenses were too great and the doors were too heavy to pound down in the short amount of time we had left before the outer door would close.

We retreated, killed some Destro, then advanced and opened the Center Keep door (all the while another group opened the door that just closed behind us). The tank wall was too solid, and Bolimor and I decided to bring our groups to the gatehouse. (About then our LV crew joined us.)


It took a while for Destro to break our tank walls, but not before many of us gained a realm rank or two (I gained something around 10 percent in 62).


Destro stride in over Order's dead corpses.


A view of the battle map shortly before the Gatehouse fell.


Surely this is what the game designers intended.

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Welcome to T4, new Destro. Now DIE!

OMG Tier 2 was not happening at all on Skull Throne. Riamin instead checked Gorfang and for once, there was a significant Destro force running around. Woo!

But just as we logged in, we found our alliance warband was leaving the zone. Boo! They said there were too many Destro to fight. It makes me wonder if any of them remember how we fought when the server was new, Destro was overpopulated and Order was demoralized?


My bright idea to attack them when they were in the tunnel didn’t go as well as I planned. Instead we rushed to the north keep to take it. We waited for a minute or so, and once I thought they were well on their way to Gromril Junction, we started in on the door.

The Destro took Gromril Junction and we continued working on the door, sweating as the timer on the battlefield objective ticked down. Meanwhile I was trying to get the alliance warband to return. They showed up when the door was about 10 percent and we started in on the second door (at this point the keep flagged for the first time. Bug maybe?).


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Our recent inactivity and group changes

We’ve been torn with the state of Gorfang as of late. We are all apprehensive with the impending patch notes and what that will mean for us all. Lately we’ve been debating whether or not to roll onto a different server as Destruction instead (we have a guild set up on Skull Throne if anyone is interested).

After much debate, we’re sticking with Gorfang in hopes that the new zone domination rules will help the RVR. We hate doing RVE. It bothers us to the core. I am hoping the changes will encourage more people to fight each other instead of fleeing to another zone when the enemy shows up.

Recent circumstances dictate that I reroll to play a White Lion instead of my Archmage. For me, it’s a disappointing turn of events, but a necessary one. I like my Archmage but my White Lion is great fun, and I am sure I will learn to love her as well. With me rerolling, that means Khaevil will now play the Archmage. There could be other permanent changes, but for now those are the big ones. (We are also hoping one of our members will reroll to a Warrior Priest, hint hint. Maybe when you get back from vacation?)

The upside to me playing a non-healer is it will allow me to lead warbands more effectively. Before I was so focused on healing (or getting yelled at because I let someone die, sorry!) I couldn’t relay orders well enough. This led me to either not lead a warband at all or do it in a half-assed fashion. I am looking forward to being high enough level to RVR with the big boys again.

The little RVR we did participate in this weekend was a lot of fun. Destro had a mighty zerg, almost like old times. We assaulted a keep in Eataine and they held the Lord room well. We ran back after a wipe and they were ready for our assault.

Needless to say we didn’t take that keep. Maybe another time!

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Caledor Woods, fortress seige and recruitment

I think much of the reason FOTF tries to push Dragonwake is because Caledor Woods and the zone Caledor are so much fun. The scenario is like the Temple of Isha scenario from T3.

Massive fights at the center BO in Caledor are also worthwhile. This doesn’t ever seem to happen in Dragonwake, where the warcamps are separated by the length of the zone.

Caledor, middle BO, awesome fight!

Last night, we had the opportunity to participate in a fortress seige. Apparently some pretty significant changes went into effect for the fortresses, all of which was completely lost on me because I don’t obsess over the patch notes. Well, other’s dont either, because when we went up, a bunch of people died and started crying for a res. I don’t mind people crying for a res, because I like to res them. But one of the changes was to prevent healers from ressing while the fortress lord was aggro. Doh!

Fortress Destro tank wall, ur doin it… pretti well, akshully.


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Keep takes and zone control BS

First let’s address Bablog’s comment in the previous post about how we only had our keep for 30 minutes Saturday:

(Also if anyone wants to comment on the Web site they all have to be approved by me. There will be a delay with your first comment)

In any case, keep defenses were not nearly as exciting Sunday. I guess Destruction learned its lesson from Saturday, where we repelled several invasions in the span of seven hours. They zone hopped and avoided us like that annoying person at work who is always trying to get you to buy their daughter’s gee gaws to raise money for the PTA.

We took every keep in every zone save one, so by the time Destro got back from church (that’s where you were right?) we were pretty bored. Fortunately something other than Serpent’s Passage popped. Thunder Valley was a blast:

Lots of destro to fight, and they were actually trying.


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