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No mercy for the straggling Order!

To kick off this post, I wanted to share a screenshot of the text message after Order kicks Destro out of Altdorf:


(Just in case you cannot read the text in the picture, “Altdorf stands strong! The city is Recovering. No mercy for the straggling Order.”)

For those who haven’t surfed the forums relentlessly, Istaflyiii on Gorfang discovered a bug that basically hands Destruction the keys to Altdorf three times a day. By just respirating oxygen into carbon dioxide, Destruction can flip zones and get to Altdorf.

And order can do nothing about it. In fact, if Order tries to do something, it actually works in Destruction’s favor.

Wow. What a disincentive for RVR if you have any shred of realm pride. Fortunately, Mythic says they are working on the bug, though the timeline for a fix is sketchy at best.

One player on Gorfang wanted to try to quantify the gear and renown haul due to the VP bug, and Destro of course, say it’s not a big deal (though there are the few who are calling attention to this).

Case in point: Cald noticed that Order owned one keep in Thunder Mountain. We claimed it, noticed we had about six people and called in T4 channel for help. Anyone who wanted to defend with Ventrilo could join our warband and we could try to prevent Destro from taking the keep.

I wish I had taken screenshots of what some said to me (and I would blur the names to prevent too much humiliation). I got several tells from people saying “Don’t defend it only flips to the city faster” who were actually ANGRY at me trying to defend our lands!

Of course I didn’t listen, and we led about three groups from TM to KV to try to defend. It was all in vain. We were up against 5 warbands at one point (90 on the keep and another warband defending BOs).


Morale on Order side is very low. Let’s hope they fix this bug soon.

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Best fights evar!

Sunday night was incredible! We ran with the Destro zerg for a while in Dragonwake and after the zone flipped, we stayed around the warcamp for some fun with Irony.


As you can tell from the picture, we only had eight players with us, five of whom were healers. We must have run around for five minutes before they killed even one of us. It felt good knowing that we stood toe-to-toe with one of the best guilds on Order side without losing. In the end, they gave up on the fight and went elsewhere.

Later in the night, we had a memorable keep defenses in Chaos Wastes. A group of Order had left to go to Black Crag to defend a keep. We preferred to remain where the fight was. We coordinated with other warbands to drive Order out of our keeps. Finally they returned with such numbers that we couldn’t defeat them. Many of us stayed up way past our bedtimes :p I imagine there are some sleepy people at work today.

Finally, we have been working hard to fit in to this roleplay environment. Someone in Temporal Space decided to start speaking in pirate jargon. Organdonar made a mod that helps us speak in pirate without having to think too hard. Soon we will send the mod to all in FOTF or TS who choose to use it. The pirate talk trend is also catching on with the general populace:


Inspired to play or resubscribe to Warhammer after reading this blog? Send Perle a PM on the Warhammer Alliance forums with your first name and e-mail address. The message goes directly to her e-mail. She can then hook you up with a 10-day free trial of the game.

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Fields of blood

We are amazed and awed at the amount of RVR we have seen on Phoenix Throne so far.


This map represents Friday night at about 6:30 p.m. Pacific time. FotF is headed into the fray!

As we slowly accumulate Annihilator and Conquerer gear, we are getting less squishy. We stood toe to toe with one of the better Bright Wizard bomb groups on the server. I am confident once we get equivalent gear that they won’t stand a chance.


Apparently our guild is getting a bit of a reputation (if only for the guild name). I discourage bragging on forums. It’s sometimes hard not to provide advice without seeming like you’re bragging. I don’t want to come off as arrogant (oh but on this server we did it this way and it worked).


But sometimes you really can’t help it. We had a keep defense that everyone thought we would lose. The tank wall was rather massive, though, and I had every confidence that we would prevail. That is, until the people on the tank wall left the wall to chase down people who got past /facepalm.

We steered them (in a not-so-nice way) to get back onto the wall and hold fast. We prevailed and chased them out of the keep!

I anticipate more fun today and Sunday.

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Saturday night fights

On Saturday, Flags in Space made a journey to Bastion Stair, and most of us now have our crit weapons. Yay! After that, we ran a bunch of Nordenwatch scenarios. We stomped the pugs, but we got stomped by the Order premades.

The real fun came at night, when we decided to defend one of the many fortress assaults (I forget which one).

After that, we defended a keep with the rest of Destro in Chaos Wastes.


Initially we skirmished inside, but we saw the group bunched up (before this shot was taken) and decided to bomb them, old style. We wiped the advance force with the help of other Destro, but then a wave of Destro Order came over the hill and we retreated to defend. After the Destro force repelled the attackers, we took the northeast BO in Chaos Wastes.

Finally, we went to Caledor to have some fun. The fun turned into Destro flipping the zone.


We had a ton of fun Saturday, and things are looking up as we get gear and renown rank! It was painful but the road is sure to be smoother from here.

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Why Order wins fortress assaults on PT

Order really knows how to assault a fortress. Yes, they pop cap the fort just like Gorfang does. And yet, Gorfang cannot assault a fortress unless nobody is there to defend.

Here’s why:


Check out that Order zerg at the zone line to Fell Landing. They are waiting for the first push to wipe. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out, guys. Really, the last time I saw a pop capped fort on Gorfang, the people who didn’t get in were pouting and screaming in region chat about the injustice of it all.

This is a seriously organized group of Order that we are fighting. All the more challenge for us here on Phoenix Throne.


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South KV keep defense

Thought I would throw up another video of FOTF/TS taking down two warbands of Destruction at the south keep in Kadrin Valley. This was one of those ultimate Warhammer moments I will never forget. (Click HQ to view in high quality.)

YouTube Preview Image

Khaevil was talking in this, but unfortunately I had him muted (we are in the same room after all).

I was really skeptical that we would win this fight, and yet we did. Look at all of the Destruction! I am pretty sure we were the only people there. If we weren’t there was maybe a handful of Order with us. Great teamwork all around!

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Awesome, amazing PVP weekend

I cannot be more happy with the state of Gorfang than I am right now. The Destruction have returned in force and there are some amazing fights to be had. I only wish my commute didn’t suck (1 hour each way) so I could PVP more :(

View the following screenshots as an example of the fights we were in Sunday (click for higher resolution).

The first two are from two separate attacks on the north Battlefield Objective in Reikland, one from a defense and another from an assault where we are defending from the Destro trying to take it back.

The second two pictures are when 2-3 groups of Order took the far east BO in Caledor and defended against a seemingly insurmountable force of Destruction. They just kept coming and that fight lasted at least 10 minutes, based on my timers from using action point potions. That was an incredibly epic fight.

Destruction succeeded in taking two fortresses at once and entered Altdorf for the first time. Congratulations! (Though the first take was marred by the buggy Fortress lord in Reikwald, d’oh!)

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Defend the Gatehouse!

Last night was easily the most fun I’ve ever had in an MMO to date. What began as an attempt to take Covenant of Flame became an epic battle that lasted more than an hour.

Earlier I started a group of people who wanted to play Nordenwatch. Then another Nordenwatch premade wanted to join us so we could RVR together. Soon I had a three-group warband. We went to Covenant of Flame and joined Bolimor’s warband (I think Deer had a small group also).

That’s when the fun started.

We soon discovered that Destro’s defenses were too great and the doors were too heavy to pound down in the short amount of time we had left before the outer door would close.

We retreated, killed some Destro, then advanced and opened the Center Keep door (all the while another group opened the door that just closed behind us). The tank wall was too solid, and Bolimor and I decided to bring our groups to the gatehouse. (About then our LV crew joined us.)


It took a while for Destro to break our tank walls, but not before many of us gained a realm rank or two (I gained something around 10 percent in 62).


Destro stride in over Order's dead corpses.


A view of the battle map shortly before the Gatehouse fell.


Surely this is what the game designers intended.

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Welcome to T4, new Destro. Now DIE!

OMG Tier 2 was not happening at all on Skull Throne. Riamin instead checked Gorfang and for once, there was a significant Destro force running around. Woo!

But just as we logged in, we found our alliance warband was leaving the zone. Boo! They said there were too many Destro to fight. It makes me wonder if any of them remember how we fought when the server was new, Destro was overpopulated and Order was demoralized?


My bright idea to attack them when they were in the tunnel didn’t go as well as I planned. Instead we rushed to the north keep to take it. We waited for a minute or so, and once I thought they were well on their way to Gromril Junction, we started in on the door.

The Destro took Gromril Junction and we continued working on the door, sweating as the timer on the battlefield objective ticked down. Meanwhile I was trying to get the alliance warband to return. They showed up when the door was about 10 percent and we started in on the second door (at this point the keep flagged for the first time. Bug maybe?).


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Battered Order Shelter = Shining Way Fortress

It’s been a while since Order had their collective asses handed to them. FOTF was ready for yet another day of playing alts to find any semblance of RVR action when we heard of a couple of Destro warbands.

I didn’t take the threat seriously until they flipped Caledor.

The rest of the night I can only equate to how a battered woman feels when her abusive boyfriend returns after a long period away from her: skittish, excited and afraid at the same time. I remember the days when Destro zerged the server so hard that Order were demoralized and weak. Then a few server transfers brought more people to the Gorfang and the Destro had some infighting

After Caledor flipped, I put out the rallying cry in alliance chat and told people to join my warband and get in vent. At this point the Destro had already claimed Covenant of Flame. When Destro hit Drakebreakers we had a whopping two groups.

So we did what we FOTF tries to do best. We queued for Serpent’s passage.

The beatdown was humiliating and awesome.

What happened next is something that hasn’t happened in a long time. We got stomped. It’s hard not to get stomped when you have a full group of PUG in the scenario. Somehow Destro made everyone who was not level 40 stay out of the scenario queue and only let the pro players go in preset groups.

After our beatdown, we went to Drakebreakers, but Destro rolled through us like we weren’t even there.

Destro flood the inside of Drakebreakers Scourge.


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