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Sunday scens and /wave report

FOTF ran some pretty hot scens on Sunday. For a few of them the Destro even left or waited at the spawn. Other times while Destro technically won, we won in the kill count or RPs (I consider that a win).


Destro healers seemed few and far between. I felt bad for them, especially when a marauder healed for more than three of their healers:


Click to healinate.

Big props to Apollonas for trying! If I recall correctly his DPS was tops out of Destro as well. When you heal more than Norronis and Nij, even as a healer, it’s usually a good sign of a talented player. This shows, to me, that a few people weren’t trying their best and were probably just there to farm/AFK insignias. (Yet another example of bad player behavior in pursuit of the carrot.)


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