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A FOTF Guild Wars 2 PVP review

I had the great fortune of beta testing Guild Wars 2 this weekend with several current and former Fight on the Flag members. Unfortunately I did not seriously venture into the world PVP area until the last day of beta. This post is about the Eternal Battleground.

In short, three sides are fighting for dominance of resource points. Each side is represented by a single server.


Click to embiggen. The red pillar is a keep owned by an enemy team. A trebuchet fires a boulder behind me.

Here is a pic of a keep fight, but this does not do it justice. Smoke and fire were everywhere. Occasionally instead of flaming rocks, catapults throw dead cows (I tried to get a screenshot of it but failed). I laughed so hard I died several times to either dead cow juice (a big, green cloud) or to players taking advantage of me taking screenshots.


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