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No mercy for the straggling Order!

To kick off this post, I wanted to share a screenshot of the text message after Order kicks Destro out of Altdorf:


(Just in case you cannot read the text in the picture, “Altdorf stands strong! The city is Recovering. No mercy for the straggling Order.”)

For those who haven’t surfed the forums relentlessly, Istaflyiii on Gorfang discovered a bug that basically hands Destruction the keys to Altdorf three times a day. By just respirating oxygen into carbon dioxide, Destruction can flip zones and get to Altdorf.

And order can do nothing about it. In fact, if Order tries to do something, it actually works in Destruction’s favor.

Wow. What a disincentive for RVR if you have any shred of realm pride. Fortunately, Mythic says they are working on the bug, though the timeline for a fix is sketchy at best.

One player on Gorfang wanted to try to quantify the gear and renown haul due to the VP bug, and Destro of course, say it’s not a big deal (though there are the few who are calling attention to this).

Case in point: Cald noticed that Order owned one keep in Thunder Mountain. We claimed it, noticed we had about six people and called in T4 channel for help. Anyone who wanted to defend with Ventrilo could join our warband and we could try to prevent Destro from taking the keep.

I wish I had taken screenshots of what some said to me (and I would blur the names to prevent too much humiliation). I got several tells from people saying “Don’t defend it only flips to the city faster” who were actually ANGRY at me trying to defend our lands!

Of course I didn’t listen, and we led about three groups from TM to KV to try to defend. It was all in vain. We were up against 5 warbands at one point (90 on the keep and another warband defending BOs).


Morale on Order side is very low. Let’s hope they fix this bug soon.

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Beach camping, PVE and gear itemization

There are times when the battles are hard fought, when I can be proud of our performance. And then there are times like these:

Who wants to roast some hotdogs?

*sigh* I love a fair, equal fight, but sometimes we’re just too organized for our own good. Most of the weekend we ran scenarios with Pylith, Saaz, Organdonar, Banofir, Vanhellings, myself and our newest member, Cal. A good time was had by all, except the Destruction, I suppose.

But our goal was to get many more of us to level 40, and that wasn’t happening as quickly as we would have liked with mere scenarios. We decided instead to PVE our way (ie. AE grind a chapter 22 quest in Caledor). However, my husband, Saaz, and I have a hard time staying awake when PVEing. We trekked to Fred Meyer and bought our first ever coffee pot:

Well, we figured out how to use it (I still feel dumb typing this) and we also got to stay up until past midnight because we drank way too much coffee after 3 p.m. Ugh. That sucked. At some point we also made a brief appearance at Bastion Stair, which we weren’t terribly impressed with and we aren’t sure if we really want to go back.

Cal made an interesting post regarding Bastion Stair and other PVE-oriented loot on our forums. He explained to us die-hard PVPers what the PVE gear is for (because we don’t really want to PVE our way to victory in any game). I, for one, am hoping Cal’s predictions hold true:

The fun part is that this all changes in 1.1, if rumors are to be believed. No one is quite sure how that’s going to happen, at this point. If I were a gambling man, I’d gamble on all pieces in a set dropping in PvP from someone of that level renown rank. At least, that’s what makes the most sense to me.

I would love Mythic so much if they did this.

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Haste rating and you: Patch 2.4

(EDIT2: There are tons of other changes that were recently announced, including more pvp gear with haste rating. I am going to hold off on posting more reviews until we get closer to the patch. Long story short though, you’re going to have to sacrifice mp5 for haste rating it seems. Not sure it’s worth it)

We have no idea when patch 2.4 is coming out. But we might as well brace ourselves for the crap we’re going to have to do to be competitive in PVP. Throughout this post, I am going to talk about spell haste, because my main is a paladin. But there is also melee haste with the same values.

(EDIT: Haste rating also reduces global cooldown)

According to a post by Blizzard, haste rating is as follows:

Haste Rating: 15.8 rating grants 1 percent haste

Spell Haste Rating: 15.8 rating grants 1 percent spell haste

It is inevitable that we will have to pve to get pvp gear. Take these items for instance:

Complicated maths below.


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Perle’s guide to buying pvp gear for new 70s

So you’re a new 70 and you hate pve. What do you do? Well obviously pvp but what then?

I’ll tell you the most efficient way to get your gear. This guide assumes you have access to an arena team and that you enjoy pvp.

In a nutshell, my reasoning is thus: Get the best pvp gear you can as fast as you can. In order, buy your rings (2), bracer, neck, belt, boots and battlemaster trinket (if necessary) before you buy any gladiator’s gear. That’s what your arena team is for.

First off, the vendors for all but the latest two seasons of pvp gear are in the Hall of Heroes in Orgrimmar. Once you get inside there are several vendors. I will focus on two of them. First is Doris Volanthius, a blood-elf chick in the middle of the room:


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