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Bank accounts drained, players ticked

For those of you who don’t know, Mythic’s billing department screwed up big time.

A quick survey of FOTF members shows that members were billed between seven and 15 times per account. The amount of the charge depended on how you repay (month to month or several months at once). One guildie said he had more than $300 in overdraft fees from his bank.

So far every person I have talked to has had this happen. This is huge.

Thankfully Mythic isĀ  posting on their Web site that it should be cleared up within 3 business days. Many of us who have overdrafted are concerned that this could go onto our credit reports. Keep an eye on the Warhammer Herald for more information.

Here are links to what other Warhammer bloggers are saying about the issue:

The comments of these posts are pretty golden. Healeroftru of Gorfang is calling it “Warscammer Online: Age of Thievery.”

The big assumption is banking institutions will refund the overdraft fees, from Slashdot:

They haven’t specifically promised to refund overdraft charges, only to ask customers’ banks to refund them once the actual charges are refunded. They seem to be assuming banks will have no problem with this.

A poster on Slashdot who supposedly works for Visa says there are some steps we need to take, regardless of whether Mythic takes action to reverse the charges:

So to summarize, call your bank if you were one of the ones fucked over by EA and request an immediate dispute on all charges beyond the one authorized and agreed upon charges (and then proceed to cancel your subscription to Warhammer). Also, as a word to the wise, make sure to ask your bank to stop subscription charges from EA. Just canceling and getting a new debit card isn’t enough. If a merchant has an authorization for subscription billing, they can still bill the card even after the card is canceled, since they have an authorization already.

Canceling the account could be our best recourse if we are afraid of that sort of thing. Instead we would have to buy game cards if we want to continue to play.

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Just wanted to share some screenshots of the Order zerg that I took Saturday night. I am fairly certain more than 200 Order were swarming zones and taking keeps.


Here are more pics from the same location of more Order flowing into the Manor.

By the way, Saturday was the worst night I’ve had in gaming in a very long time. We had double overdog points (I guess that’s what we call them) meaning that Order had attacked Inevitable City twice within 24 hours. That means it takes much longer to cap zones. We couldn’t get enough Victory Points to cap either. Sometimes we were sitting at 105% of required VP and because of the underdog mechanic we couldn’t cap. I hope this was a big reminder to Order to keep those in mind when we schedule a city push.

Long story short, we started at about 8 p.m. Pacific and didn’t get to the city until midnight (major sorrow for the Eastern timezone people). I wanted to stab myself in the face with a screwdriver. We had a good fight at the entrance to Maw. Then in the city my warband just happened to get the one with the halfway decent Destro in it. I was soo tired. Unfortunately we had a lot of random PUGs in the scenario with us. Eventually they left to make way for Irony, but the damage was done.

Fortunately we managed to take the city during the Super Bowl and down the king. Unfortunately for us those of our guildies who watch football socially did not get to join us :( At least it’s one step closer to getting full Warlord for Andora, who will be able to tank the king for us during our future FOTF king runs!

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No mercy for the straggling Order!

To kick off this post, I wanted to share a screenshot of the text message after Order kicks Destro out of Altdorf:


(Just in case you cannot read the text in the picture, “Altdorf stands strong! The city is Recovering. No mercy for the straggling Order.”)

For those who haven’t surfed the forums relentlessly, Istaflyiii on Gorfang discovered a bug that basically hands Destruction the keys to Altdorf three times a day. By just respirating oxygen into carbon dioxide, Destruction can flip zones and get to Altdorf.

And order can do nothing about it. In fact, if Order tries to do something, it actually works in Destruction’s favor.

Wow. What a disincentive for RVR if you have any shred of realm pride. Fortunately, Mythic says they are working on the bug, though the timeline for a fix is sketchy at best.

One player on Gorfang wanted to try to quantify the gear and renown haul due to the VP bug, and Destro of course, say it’s not a big deal (though there are the few who are calling attention to this).

Case in point: Cald noticed that Order owned one keep in Thunder Mountain. We claimed it, noticed we had about six people and called in T4 channel for help. Anyone who wanted to defend with Ventrilo could join our warband and we could try to prevent Destro from taking the keep.

I wish I had taken screenshots of what some said to me (and I would blur the names to prevent too much humiliation). I got several tells from people saying “Don’t defend it only flips to the city faster” who were actually ANGRY at me trying to defend our lands!

Of course I didn’t listen, and we led about three groups from TM to KV to try to defend. It was all in vain. We were up against 5 warbands at one point (90 on the keep and another warband defending BOs).


Morale on Order side is very low. Let’s hope they fix this bug soon.

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PVP weekend report and new member

We had several exciting fights this weekend, but nothing was as exciting as a former DAOC guildmate finding Pylith on Facebook and then joining the guild.

Welcome back Kuvasz! She played an armswoman in DAOC and ran with our 8-man gank squad. After New Frontiers, we all quit because we were tired of keep humping (sound familiar?).


We had exciting times on Saturday in Praag, whipping up several groups of Destro into tasty batches of renown. I managed to get RR71, so I guess I drop Royal Crests now. With the number of Destro who zerg around me now, I probably should hire a Swordmaster to guard me :p

Unfortunately it seems Doorhammer is all we do now if we want to see RVR. Destro is too wary of our group (unless they have 150 of them defending a fortress and all we have is eight people, like on Monday night).


Yes, underneath the hooves of the Destro warhorses is a dead ginger-headed freak (Bright Wizards is what we call them on Order side). We couldn’t find any RVR until we realized a fort had been taken and Order left to go somewhere else. We investigated and found tons and tons and TONS of Destro outside Fell Landing.

I would be lying if I said our first attempts were anything but utter defeat. In our defense we were missing a couple of key players, but we managed to kill equal to our number before we died.

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FotFail: BO failure last weekend

I thought I’d also show the failures of our RVR attempts. Sunday in Chaos Wastes, we were trying to prevent a BO capture. Problem was, we were in the far south of the zone when it was taken, and the BO was to the north. We decided to try to kill Destro anyway, even though we wouldn’t get the cap. (Click HQ for high quality.)

YouTube Preview Image

Ugh, nine verses at least a warband. That was really painful.

For those of you on Twitter, I wanted to let you know that Fight on the Flag now has a Twitter account. Actually, we started it a long time ago, back when we started the game, and haven’t used it since. I plan to use TweetDeck to follow other Warhammer tweeters.

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