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Holiday weekend, woot

With the long holiday weekend coming up, plenty of us FOTFers are planning to PVP. Thursday night we had some good fights, when we could find them. Order owned LOTD so you would think it would have been easy. But no.


I’ll be honest, we didn’t have our A team for much of these fights (sorry Vidbranna). We had a badly geared BW and we still beat them. Then, we went to Fireguard once to prevent a Dragonwake lock. Khaevil was waaay out front, and I was practically at the warcamp. About two groups of Destro were at the BO but they scattered at the mere sight of Khaevil running in by himself.

He cant kill you if he’s alone. /sigh

Here’s to hoping the PVP is going to be better the rest of this weekend. And happy Fourth, everyone!

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