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Why Order wins fortress assaults on PT

Order really knows how to assault a fortress. Yes, they pop cap the fort just like Gorfang does. And yet, Gorfang cannot assault a fortress unless nobody is there to defend.

Here’s why:


Check out that Order zerg at the zone line to Fell Landing. They are waiting for the first push to wipe. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out, guys. Really, the last time I saw a pop capped fort on Gorfang, the people who didn’t get in were pouting and screaming in region chat about the injustice of it all.

This is a seriously organized group of Order that we are fighting. All the more challenge for us here on Phoenix Throne.


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Quick review of patch 1.2.1

For the most part the patch has been good to us. Destro came out in force last night and we are very happy about that.


We had a merry time chasing Destro in Dragonwake. FOTF guarded objectives. Here we are defending Fireguard. I would guess it was an even fight, numbers wise, with FOTF’s two groups and another half warband against Destro’s full WB. The only way I could have been happier is if a scenario had popped. None did in the two hours I was online.

But not all are happy, Bright Wizards to name one. It appears during certain situations, the BW spell Rain of Fire does zero damage. That’s right, zero. Read all about it on the Bright Wizard forums.

I tested and confirmed this last night on the test server, and indeed as I expected, when more than one BW target the same enemy at the same time with RoF, only one of the BW does damage. The other BW does a grand total of 0 damage, but still wastes his AP and time, and gets to wait 10 more sec before being able to cast again (assuming he isn’t running in the conflag line, and therefore doesn’t have Fiery Reserves.

The thread is seven pages long, with lots of whining and little constructive information (to be fair I stopped after page three). I don’t think it was ever intended for BWs to do zero damage when two of them targeted the same people (remember, ROF is a ground target spell. Who you target should make little difference).

Here are the thoughts of Gorfangers… Gorfangians… Gorfangstons? on the new patch.

I will reserve my judgment until this weekend. Also we’re going to do some Lost Vale runs early in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. If non-FOTFers want to join in we might be able to form a second group.

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Our recent inactivity and group changes

We’ve been torn with the state of Gorfang as of late. We are all apprehensive with the impending patch notes and what that will mean for us all. Lately we’ve been debating whether or not to roll onto a different server as Destruction instead (we have a guild set up on Skull Throne if anyone is interested).

After much debate, we’re sticking with Gorfang in hopes that the new zone domination rules will help the RVR. We hate doing RVE. It bothers us to the core. I am hoping the changes will encourage more people to fight each other instead of fleeing to another zone when the enemy shows up.

Recent circumstances dictate that I reroll to play a White Lion instead of my Archmage. For me, it’s a disappointing turn of events, but a necessary one. I like my Archmage but my White Lion is great fun, and I am sure I will learn to love her as well. With me rerolling, that means Khaevil will now play the Archmage. There could be other permanent changes, but for now those are the big ones. (We are also hoping one of our members will reroll to a Warrior Priest, hint hint. Maybe when you get back from vacation?)

The upside to me playing a non-healer is it will allow me to lead warbands more effectively. Before I was so focused on healing (or getting yelled at because I let someone die, sorry!) I couldn’t relay orders well enough. This led me to either not lead a warband at all or do it in a half-assed fashion. I am looking forward to being high enough level to RVR with the big boys again.

The little RVR we did participate in this weekend was a lot of fun. Destro had a mighty zerg, almost like old times. We assaulted a keep in Eataine and they held the Lord room well. We ran back after a wipe and they were ready for our assault.

Needless to say we didn’t take that keep. Maybe another time!

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Belated Fortress report, leaderboards and /wave report

The Destruction’s attempt to siege the Fortress was pretty fun. I had never been on a Fortress defense before, so I probably played too conservatively. Apparently the guards worked the Destro hard because many players didn’t have the proper gear.

Here is the Destro attacking Pelgorath’s BO in Dragonwake.

They tried one push and disappeared. After the Fortress siege ended, the Destro near immediately capped all of the keeps and Battle Objectives in Dragonwake. It was smart and coordinated.

Leaderboards and /wave report below.


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Epic keep defense

Saturday the Order capped Eataine and moved the fight back to Dragonwake. Sunday we continued the fray in Dragonwake. There were at least three Order warbands out, and mine was one of them. Click the screenshot for full effect.

I know as the underdog realm we must use strategy. That’s why I employed a new, radical strategy that is sure to help us win more battles.

FOTF started out the night with about a group and a half of people. We refused to admit anyone into the warband unless they were a healer, a tank, or brought one of those classes with them. I’m sure I ruffled a few feathers, but the wins we accumulated were worth the ire. We were unstoppable.

Now this is not to say that I won’t res or heal people outside of the warband, because I do. I support the realm. But I think the best way to support the realm is with a balanced warband. Would anyone PVE with an unbalanced group? Why should we PVP with any less?

The screenshots on which the above montage is based were the culmination of three attempts by Destro to take our keep (which they finally did at 12:30 a.m. Pacific time)

I hope Order will continue to support the balanced warband.

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