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FOTF relocating to the RUA server

We’ve been talking about doing this for a while. After a while of playing on one server we tend to get restless and need a change of scenery.

FOTF members have been in dungeons trying to gear up when PVP is lackluster. We are so tired of this carebare atmosphere. The RUA server provides that escape. But wait, Perle! What does RUA mean?

I can’t tell you. I have to show you.


Robot Unicorn Attack provides the escape we need. I mean, come on, you’re a Robot Unicorn who eats fairies and attacks glass stars.

Don’t believe me? Try it just once. Once is all I ask. If you like you can even join our RUA guild. Membership is easy, you just have to memorize the lyrics to the song:

Open your eyes I see
Your eyes are open
Wear no disguise for me
Come into the open

When it’s cold outside
Am I here in vain?
Hold on to the night
There will be no shame

Chorus x2

Always, I wanna be with you
And make believe with you
And live in harmony, harmony oh love

Melting the ice for me
Jump into the ocean
Hold back the tide I see
Your love in motion

When it’s cold outside
Am I here in vain?
Hold on to the night
There will be no shame

Repeat chorus and fade

So thank you to all Gofangers. We’ve had a blast!

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If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

The 2.4 patch notes have really sucked for us all. The officers had a meeting last night and we’ve decided to leave World of Warcraft and find a game worthy of our talents. Since no game on the market caters to the PVP gamer, we’ve settled on the fast-paced MMORPG Puzzle Pirates!

In Puzzle Pirates, there is booty for the bootyless, tall ships and, best of all, drunken sword fights.

Grabbing some booty while in port, yarr!

So toss back a flageon of rum, wipe off your beard and yell ARRRR!!

Let’s continue discussion in our forums. Hope to see you in game, mate!

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