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Thumbs up to new preform AV enabler!

I heard that the recent version of Preform AV Enabler had the ability to queue people for BGs other than AV. It does, but it has drawbacks. But at least it doesn’t take 45 minutes to get into a preform group.

We went in with eight people to start, and added a ninth. Unfortunately for that person we only did one BG because I had other things to attend to (like cooking a delicious salmon dish with a citrus reduction sauce).

Here’s what the window looks like for the leader:

Notice four columns with four sets of buttons. For us, we queued for WSG, AB and EOTS (as you can see). We had to drop AB and WSG before we all got into EOTS about 10 minutes later.

My personal opinion is Blizzard shouldn’t have screwed over the PVP guilds to begin with but we have to live with it. This is better than waiting 45 minutes to get into a bg.

If you are going to queue like this, you probably shouldn’t try with more than 10 people. The spaces available are far fewer comparable to group size than AV. If you try to get even 20 people into AV there’s a decent chance after a few queue cycles. If you try to get 15 into a 15-man BG, it’s probably better to queue as a group and wait the 45 minutes for a certain matchup.

But it seems queue times have gone down overall. Maybe it’s because of the daily quests. Or maybe the new PVE content. I really don’t track that stuff, but once it wears off people will be back to PVP.

This was taken when the AB queue popped above.

EOTS battle pics below.


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AV weekend coming

AV weekend is coming up so please have Preform AV enabler downloaded and ready to go.

A reminder of how this works:

Step 1: Install and enable Preform AV enabler.

Step 2: Group with a guild group.

Step 3: Profi… er… Go talk to the AV battlemaster and sit there with the window open. You’ll notice to the bottom left of the window that there’s a button that says “Preform AV enabler.” If you click that, you can tell who has the window open or not.

Step 4: Wait. The raid leader should wait until everyone has the window open. The leader then pushes a button to queue everyone at the same time. Now, despite what people in general chat say (because we know they are all such experts), it’s not an illegal mod. Preform AV enabler is basically the same thing as everyone having the window open, and counting down on Vent and queueing at the same time.

Step 5: DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING! The raid leader has the ability to put everyone in the BG or to cancel queue. It’s also a good idea not to run off anywhere just in case you have to requeue. Remain in Vent. Hopefully the queues are not long.


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