Three players formed <Fight on the Flag> in late 2007 when we played World of Warcraft. Pylith, Khaevil and Perle, have played together since 2002, when we met in Dark Ages of Camelot. At that time we all played stealthers in the Albion realm; Pylith and Khaevil played Infiltrators and Perle played a Scout.

We realized that we only preyed on the weak, so we formed a “visibles” team and set forth: Khaevil became a Minstrel, Perle became a Cleric and Pylith a Sorcerer. We roamed the lands on Albion, Bedevere as the guild Legacy of Storms. Every week, our players were routinely at the top of their class for realm points earned. That was the most fun we’ve ever had in a game, before or since.

But it did not last. A patch destroyed the way we loved to PVP, in the open field, and forced everyone into keeps. We didn’t like fighting keeps all day, where people could hide from our attacks. After trying other servers and other realms, we decided to give up DAoC.

After some time apart, Pylith reunited with Perle and Khaevil in game, and after some guild hopping we determined that Deathwing has no pure PVP guilds. We picked <Fight on the Flag> because that’s a common term phrase uttered in many battlegrounds, often in frustration.

The guild leaders are all over age 30 and thus we expect adult behavior from the members of this guild. Those who decide to act otherwise can expect a swift /gkick.