Warhammer patch Tuesday?

EDIT: It appears Mr. Belford was referring to a DAOC patch for today. Well played, Andy. Well played.

Just a heads up, the big Warhammer city patch might be tomorrow. From Andy Belford, hot off the Twitter presses:


Here is a link to the patch notes for 1.3.5 from the test server. The devs also saw fit to nerf the Bright Wizard spell Scorched Earth and the Sorc equivalent. IMO this only makes it harder for scrub BWs. The really good ones (such as the ones formerly in FOTF) never depended solely on Scorched Earth, although if a Destro jumps in the middle of three BWs while I’m taking a screenshot, I can’t take responsibility for what happens.

This doesn’t change my need for a break. This weekend was incredibly relaxing. I am playing a bit of Guild Wars, but it’s really low key.

I’m about 100 pages into a book I’m reading about human psychology and recovery from traumatic episodes (i.e. post traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans). No connection to the game of course, it’s just an interesting topic because I have a lot of family members who have seen combat.

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One Response to “Warhammer patch Tuesday?”

  1. Wasdstomp Says:

    but, but, but……

    I think they figured out that a 12 year old spamming scorched earth really did cause the billing fiasco.