Perle cancels WAR… for now

This is not a ragequit post.

I’ve canceled my WAR account, which expires today. I need to take a break. I’ve got some super busy weeks coming up at work. I am not leaving for another game although I will be playing Guild Wars occasionally (which I might also post about). If I come back it will be sometime in June, July or maybe August. It’s hard to say at this point. I might come back to try out the city changes too. It depends on my schedule which is far from certain at this point.

I will keep blogging about Warhammer (just not as often, maybe once a week) and I will stay on Twitter.

For this site, I will be revamping a few things, like changing the category and tagging system.

Reasons I’ve canceled:

  • I am super busy at work. It’s budget season and I’ve been handed a special project to manage by myself and I’m really stressed out.
  • Some of my long-time gaming friends are also taking a break from the game (including my RL husband) so it seems this is a good time for me to take a break as well.
  • I cannot remember the last time I read a book cover-to-cover. I have a good list of books I want to read and it’s not getting done by itself.
  • I want to go camping this summer. Summers in the Pacific Northwest are beautiful and I really want to take advantage of them. I’m probably also going to visit Europe at some point.

If you want to see what I think needs to happen for this game to become more successful, please visit my previous post about the Top five problems WAR needs to solve.

So, what happens to members of FOTF? A number of players have jumped to Knights of the Sepulchre. Dilek is a great guild leader. They are a fun group to play with. I respect them a lot and I think if you go there, you will have a lot of fun.

Overall Warhammer was a fun experience, but it was only fun because of Fight on the Flag and its members. The players in that guild have been incredibly fun to play with. If I do come back I might not want to lead the guild again depending on my time. But I will want to reconnect with all of you.

Again, if you have not become a member of the FOTF Facebook page (sorry, current or former guildies only) please e-mail me at with your in-game name and I’ll send you an invite. I check that e-mail about once a week.

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7 Responses to “Perle cancels WAR… for now”

  1. Aeo Says:

    Enjoy your break. RL is ace too.
    I have enjoyed your blog so hope to see you back one day.

  2. Wasdstomp Says:

    I am a sad panda. Just when I was thinking hey I think FOTF is a guild I could join, and have fun it closes.

  3. Perle Says:

    D’oh, sorry man. I am just super busy. I was only on for weekends and that time is seriously diminished lately.

  4. Ellaine Says:

    I will see you around my friend.

  5. Rivs Says:

    See you on twitter at least :) take care and enjoy real life. One thing I noticed you said your Real Life Husband, you got a fake one too?

  6. Perle Says:

    Haha, no I don’t believe in roleplaying *that* much!

  7. Dilek Says:


    I already miss seeing you in the battlefield. Good luck with all of that important real life stuff. =)