Forts + relics = amazing

All of us veteran DAOC players yearn for the times of yesteryear, of relic raids and Emain roaming.

Testpig posted an amazing way to add relics to Warhammer and utilize the dead fortresses.

I love his idea so much. Please watch the Youtube video. Trust me, it’s worth the nine minutes:

YouTube Preview Image

I like everything about this video.

  • Add influence as a main currency instead of the current system is a great idea because it doesn’t encourage one type of influence gain over another (ie. scenarios vs ORVR).
  • The underdog system in the video would be a great addition to the current underdog system (reduce guards/keep door health)
  • My one reservation: In Fortress attacks Testpig suggests that we add defender and attacker respawn points within the Fortress zone. I am not sure what to think of this idea, because when Order was underdogs at the beginning of the game we would often cut off their warcamp and kill stragglers. Testpig’s idea would work well if the realms were equal.

If Warhammer were to change to this or a similar solution I would have lots of hope for its future.

One question though, would Games Workshop flip out of this were to happen? I have no idea if this is against the game lore or not.

If you wanted to get into some of the minutae, Bootae has a few good ideas, also taken from DAOC.

EDIT: Werit thinks adding relics is a bad idea because it only makes the powerful realm more powerful. WARAyleen said relic raids were mostly alarm-clock runs anyway. Is nostalgia getting the best of me?

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3 Responses to “Forts + relics = amazing”

  1. Rancid Says:

    Actually, these days Relics change hands at least once a week. It happens during normal play hours, too.

    But yeah, oldschool relic raids were all about the 3am jump. That made it pretty fun, though.

  2. Rivs Says:

    Let’s bring back TOA for WAR. :)

  3. Perle Says:

    Gah! That’s what LOTD did. Horrible idea. TOA for WAR is bad bad bad!