Following the carrot leads to deplorable player behavior

If you need any evidence of my recent post, “How our reward centered culture is killing the game,” please read the following screenshots of actual player dialogue within the last two days. I have blocked out player names because I am not really into naming and shaming them because it’s not the players’ faults that they are chasing the carrot:



Yes, players are advocating the renown-gain strategy of letting the Destruction take BOs so Order can cap it all back later.

None of this surprised me until this discussion just now in Caledor:


Really? Really?

I suppose nobody should be surprised. Groups of Order have always done RVE to get renown. I’m saddened that they want to work together with Destruction to maximize renown gain.

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4 Responses to “Following the carrot leads to deplorable player behavior”

  1. Wasdstomp Says:

    The same thing is going to happen with the city changes, and the lockout timers. It will promote x-realming or at least not defending your city if it means a chance at getting loot which wouldn’t happen if you pushed to the city twice in one day, or even the next day.

  2. Scarybooster Says:

    This type of behavior will ruin the game. This is why a third faction would help the game thrive.

  3. Krosuss Says:

    Deplorable. I’ve seen region chat where groups ask for folks to slow down so more alliancemates can get online. In the end … the PUGs don’t listen.

    Play to play and have fun. We all want to level up and get loot but who said it was a race? The cross-realming is seriously lame.


  4. Perle Says:

    Thank you all for your thoughts on this issue. I think this issue must be addressed for the vitality of the game.