Guilds vs single players, who do you please?

Let’s face it, players will stick with a game much longer if they feel like they are part of a community than if they are playing by themselves. Great guilds make a huge difference.

But you can’t go full bore and please the only guilds because then casual players would get left out of the mix. Guilds make people want to log in and play when there are other things they can be doing.

I know this from personal experience and from what other people tell me about Fight on the Flag. When Warhammer first came out we formed a single-group guild and did scenarios all the time. But as we got to know more people, our ranks grew to the point where we could field two groups.

ORVR was awesome with everyone in Ventrilo and assisting our MA. We would only do scenarios when RVR was slow. At the very least, don’t hurt guilds on purpose, and that’s almost what the recent changes feel like.

Earning insignias via RVR was a great idea, but the only viable way to earn them was via scenarios. That simple change to the game has changed the way players view ORVR and I think that’s bad news for guilds, especially those like mine.

Most of the players in FOTF when I asked them this week have said scenarios are actually less fun.


  1. Collecting scenario currency has made scenarios more of a grind and less fun.
  2. The fact that it does not matter if you win or lose the scenario encourages AFK players, which in turn demoralizes the rest of us who care.
  3. Queueing solo means you can get more crests per hour than if you queue as a group. There is a disincentive for grouping with a friend or friends.
  4. Because of the grind, people do not want to ORVR anymore, and those who love ORVR are sad pandas :( We love ORVR if you couldn’t tell.

I think the situation can be fixed, if they would only make the insignias obtained from scenarios drop in ORVR as well (possibly at a 1:5 ratio to crests).

In previous games we tried to be optimistic in the past when PVP changes would not allow our guild to run together. In Warcraft after a patch required premades to only queue against other premades (and subsequently made queue time skyrocket) we tried to make the best of a bad situation. Pirate Day was a ton of fun, and I still cherish those memories. But eventually FOTF succumbed to the apathetic attitude that Warcraft had toward PVP players.

Just like in Warcraft, I think the next few patches could be the tipping point for many guilds.

Quotes for former guildies commenting on the aforementioned Warcraft changes that prevented us from PVPing together as a guild:

Cancelled my wow accounts. I was real close to canceling them a few months ago, but then I found FOTF. … Since the death of premades and with several people from the guild cancelling their accounts, I have once again lost interest in the game and am not going to play anymore for now. I will probably return for the expansion, but that remains to be seen.

And, after leaving Gorfang and then returning after Aion:

I will say, since my time with FotF, no game has held any interest for me. It is amazing to me what a great guild can do to ones experience with an MMO. I am gameless right now and going fraking crazy.

This trend is very hard for me to ignore when I hear players are logging in less, are obviously frustrated or and are actively looking for another game.

EDIT: One final note: Read WASDstomp’s post about why city changes are not friendly to guilds either:

I just find it very stupid that guilds, or premades will be split up among several instances. It is basically defeating the whole reason of belonging to a guild, and working together.

How much fun is it going to be to spend several hours flipping zones together as a guild, and get split into four different city siege instances? All your hard work could go completely down the drain if you get in an instance with idiots.

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One Response to “Guilds vs single players, who do you please?”

  1. Wasdstomp Says:

    Believe me. It was my guild on DC that made me love this game. Unfortunately none of them came back after Aion, and they moved back to WoW.

    I still log onto the vent every once in a while, and I love those guys. I am hoping we all meet again in SWTOR because I just can’t do Warcraft again even though I have tried.

    When I look back on all the MMO’s I have played the last 12 years it is always the friendships I made in guilds that I still remember.