Mythic: Penalty for instance hoppers in new city

Ever have an awesome fight against a challenging enemy — and then they leave?

Ugh! I hate that! Fortunately any fight dodgers will get punished in the upcoming city changes by receiving a full complement of lockout timers for stages 1-3.

Unfortunately, CTDers are caught in the crossfire:

From Gaarawarr’s recent post regarding the new city instance:

GG - So one of our fellow WAR players would like to know if there’s going to be some way around strong groups.  Like leaving and rejoining as in scenarios.

Mike - This is the one where my gut reaction was to just penalize the crap out of people for doing that…

GG - ~whispers~ Go with your gut!

Mike - …but then it screws the people who went link-dead and came back or crashed, whatever the case may be.

GG - No one crashes in WAR…

Mykiel - Get better Internet…

Mike - Yeah…call your net provider, flush your DNS cache…

~all laughing~

In a Twitter conversation, Gaarawarr assured me it was a lighthearted conversation so don’t read too much into the text.

Currently as the city stands, if you CTD (crash to desktop) you are booted outside and have to requeue. I understand why they want to do this. (I would be a fan except I would be more likely to leave an instance to FIND a fight not to leave one.)

I really, really hope they can give the CTD player a break, maybe a 5-minute grace period, before they are permanently booted from the city and given lockout timers.

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One Response to “Mythic: Penalty for instance hoppers in new city”

  1. Wasdstomp Says:

    Initially I didn’t like the lockout timers for the same reason as you. The odds of me crashing is probably slim to none, but if it happens one time, it is one time to many.

    You should be innocent until proven guilty.

    Here is the issue I am sure the devs debated about. What would make someone unplug their ethernet cord and go link dead so they could move if they had a 5 min grace?

    I am sure I will be breaking keyboards if it happens to me, but luckily keyboards are cheap these days.