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More reports from the WARfront: Mythic HQ

I’ve been reading up on the latest posts from last week’s “blogger invasion” of Mythic HQ in Virginia. There was a time when the four selected bloggers were able to ask questions (along with Twitter helpers) of the Devs on various issues.

Here is a list of recent posts:

Mine these posts for information (but they were also told that the information could change at any time). My guess is if it’s out in the public then it’s close to ready for player consumption.

EDIT: I will add more posts as I find them.

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City siege changes on horizon

There will be a large post on my thoughts on the city changes either late tonight or early tomorrow. Let’s just say I a very skeptical, but that is my nature. I am hopeful but my main concerns are how I can get my guild into an instance and be sure they have the right groups and what happens if one of our guildies goes LD?

If you wanted to read the massive dev thread, go here.

All will be revealed in time and I suppose there’s no use fretting about what will eventually happen. I am planning a few posts for the coming week or two:

  1. Commentary on the new city mechanic
  2. Why game designers should cater to guilds and players, not the player or the guild alone
  3. Our reward-centered gaming culture and why it should change

I realize no game will ever be perfect, although DAOC before Trials of Atlantis and New Frontiers came awfully close.

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