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FOTF First: Vulture Lord down!

Woot! After many hours of trying we finally downed the Vulture Lord himself!


Sorry for the crappy quality of this screenshot. My desktop died a couple of weeks ago and we are in the process of replacing it.

This fight, I thought, was actually really fun. We seemed to have spent far less time learning this fight than boss 7, which was really, really frustrating until we figured out a couple of tricks. Essentially for the VL, we had a heal-spec WP and everyone else went DPS (aside from the MT of course). We had to really think about the fight and ways to maximize our damage. All in all, I thought it was a very fun encounter.

Grats to me on my AM cloak, and to Riamin for the six funerary masks (which we all passed to him so he could get two pieces toward his Tyrant set).

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