Vulture Lord, heal records and RR80

FOTF has a lot of news to share! First off, we’ve beaten the seventh boss of the Vulture Lord dungeon. Big thanks to Istaflysiii from Blitz for some very useful advice. That encounter literally took hours and hours and hours to figure out. A big thanks to all our players who have helped us get this far. Those of us who completed boss seven are: Perle, Khaevil, Grilar, Riamin, Andora and Brewz, but I also have to mention Anatheos and Truncheon because they also helped with that fight at one time or another.

Now we are on the Vulture Lord himself. I think we have him down but we are encountering some bad luck. We can consistently get him to phase three, but then our buff shears might not work as quickly as we hoped. I have to say even though we wiped many times at the VL, it was a really interesting and fun fight, as opposed to the boss seven encounter, which is soo frustrating.

Here’s a pic of the Vulture Lord encounter (click to embiggen):


I am looking forward to completing this. We are almost there!

Anatheos also hit a new FOTF record for healing, previously held by Truncheon:


I think this was also my heal record but I am not 100% positive because I don’t really keep track of that sort of thing.

Finally, Fight on the Flag has its first rank 80s! Over the weekend Truncheon hit the mark first, followed by yours truly.


This /special screenshot is a homage to when we first formed FOTF on Gorfang. I couldn’t have been more than level five in this screenshot. Just to think, a year ago this month FOTF had just completed its first N’Kari kill (with the ironic post title of “FOTF completes PVE content”) and and we also did our first Inevitable City raid. This was back when we were required to take two fortresses just to get there, uphill in the snow, BOTH WAYS!

How far we’ve come!

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