A memorable scenario!

I rarely every post screens of damage or healing in scens, but this was one to show off:


Truncheon and his mad heal skillz almost topped the million mark. Wow! This was a very difficult match and we almost didn’t pull out a win. Trunch and Cent did a fabulous job keeping our DPS alive. I am shocked at Syharrth’s DPS. I had no idea a DoK could dish out that much damage. I died more than a few times to his skillfully placed blades (or maybe it’s a she? I couldn’t tell I wasn’t looking that closely).

We ran a lot of scens this weekend, though still not enough to get me into invader insignias. My furlough IRL comes up at the end of the month so maybe that will be the time :)


Here’s a scen I ran with Oblit once. (My targeting skills are not to be envied.)

Also FOTF’s VL group made it up to the Seventh boss, though not past him just yet. We have the colors thing down though and I think his number just might be up next time.

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