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Wood now useful in Warhammer! Woot

Hot off the hot fix presses at EAMythic, a new change to keep doors:

Realm vs. Realm

Keep doors will no longer respawn after being destroyed. Players must now use the “Wood” purchased from Door Repair merchants to rebuild a destroyed Keep door.

When I told my guildies of this change this afternoon, the response was a resounding “Awesome.” And it is clear that FOTF members are not alone in being happy with this change.

We all remember what keep takes and assaults in DAOC were like, and frantically repairing the door before another assault wave hit was part of the fun. I think about how we all carried various levels of wood with us (many times to the point of encumbrance), and another member had a spreadsheet that told us what kind or how much wood to use depending on the door’s level and state of repair.


All long-time DAOC fans will be able to appreciate this. I never had a strong opinion of the previous door situation, where doors automatically repaired after 15 minutes. I have to admit it was kind of frustrating to have the doors close behind us, but the added bonus was the epic gatehouse defenses we had when Destro thought they had pinned us down.

Unfortunately I’ve not had a chance to test this new feature. I have a lot of questions about how it will work (Can we repair in combat? How much wood does it take? Can you get super wood in game with ordinance? Because that would be cool!). Now the door repair merchants will have a use! I will be sure to stock up on stacks of wood to test it out soon!

And for old times’ sake, our Doorhammer video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Vulture Lord, heal records and RR80

FOTF has a lot of news to share! First off, we’ve beaten the seventh boss of the Vulture Lord dungeon. Big thanks to Istaflysiii from Blitz for some very useful advice. That encounter literally took hours and hours and hours to figure out. A big thanks to all our players who have helped us get this far. Those of us who completed boss seven are: Perle, Khaevil, Grilar, Riamin, Andora and Brewz, but I also have to mention Anatheos and Truncheon because they also helped with that fight at one time or another.

Now we are on the Vulture Lord himself. I think we have him down but we are encountering some bad luck. We can consistently get him to phase three, but then our buff shears might not work as quickly as we hoped. I have to say even though we wiped many times at the VL, it was a really interesting and fun fight, as opposed to the boss seven encounter, which is soo frustrating.

Here’s a pic of the Vulture Lord encounter (click to embiggen):


I am looking forward to completing this. We are almost there!

Anatheos also hit a new FOTF record for healing, previously held by Truncheon:


I think this was also my heal record but I am not 100% positive because I don’t really keep track of that sort of thing.

Finally, Fight on the Flag has its first rank 80s! Over the weekend Truncheon hit the mark first, followed by yours truly.


This /special screenshot is a homage to when we first formed FOTF on Gorfang. I couldn’t have been more than level five in this screenshot. Just to think, a year ago this month FOTF had just completed its first N’Kari kill (with the ironic post title of “FOTF completes PVE content”) and and we also did our first Inevitable City raid. This was back when we were required to take two fortresses just to get there, uphill in the snow, BOTH WAYS!

How far we’ve come!

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Solo scenario healer haters unite!

I really don’t know why it bothers me so much, but whenever I see a solo healer in scenarios it makes my blood boil.

Let’s face it, there’s only one real reason to go solo in scenarios: to leech renown. I’ve only gone solo only a few times in scenarios. Most of the time it was because another group left mine and I was alone. But my God, when I do solo, it’s very easy to see why many are tempted.

The guy with the blanked name was solo the entire time (though we mocked him in vent for his failures at healing and gaining renown):


Despite the above screenshot showing the aforementioned healer getting terrible renown, the amount of renown gain for solo healing is probably why the issue is so polarized. You can find many many threads on the forums of people complaining about solo healers soaking up the renown. I’ve seen solo healers getting 13,000 renown in a scenario (of respectable realm rank) while my team gets a pretty high amount, 3,000 to 5,000.

(As a side note: I think Mythic was actually rather forward thinking in choosing to award renown for healing people. In DAOC it used to be you got no renown for heals, but you got a sizable amount of renown for ressing someone after a fight. Many healers would watch someone die only to res them to get the reward.)

So when the healer (shown above in the screenshot) said in alliance chat “Ding RR 70!” everyone was quick to say grats. Everyone but me, because I couldn’t not say something anymore. I had to do it. I said something to the effect of “Grats on 70, solo scenario healer!” One guy said “Grats rescinded.”


I cannot think of one non-selfish reason one should consistently go solo in scenarios on purpose as a healer. The aforementioned solo healer was saying he was a great solo healer and it would be pointless for him to be in a group because he was not group heal specced. Another person sent me a tell in his defense because the guy was trying to get to 70 to be fully warded for king. Fair enough. Maybe we won’t see him solo healing anymore but somehow I doubt it.

I have a few reasons why solo healers should consider grouping instead of going solo:

  • Guard
  • Buffs/chants/auras
  • Teammates being able to protect you better because you’re in the group
  • Getting heals from other people
  • Other people not hating you because you’re a freaking LEECH and we will wish they could tell Destro to kill you so they can enjoy the sweet, sweet Schadenfreude

I don’t think anything should be done about solo scenario healers, however. It’s always nice to see who the selfish players are for future reference.

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Monday we went to LOTD to knock out some Tombs. A benefit is we check most of them for Destruction. We heard Arsenal was in TOVL and decided to pay a visit (click to embiggen):


We won the battle after disabling the fire trap (to be fair they just arrived as we beat the trap so they must have been pretty far in). Three of our members won purple bags.

Unfortunately when the instance timed out we all got a 30 minute debuff that said we couldn’t join or invade any more Tombs :( ( What was that about? Later someone said that Arsenal was still in there despite us purging their instance. I’m guessing they found some sneaky way to remain there after death.

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A memorable scenario!

I rarely every post screens of damage or healing in scens, but this was one to show off:


Truncheon and his mad heal skillz almost topped the million mark. Wow! This was a very difficult match and we almost didn’t pull out a win. Trunch and Cent did a fabulous job keeping our DPS alive. I am shocked at Syharrth’s DPS. I had no idea a DoK could dish out that much damage. I died more than a few times to his skillfully placed blades (or maybe it’s a she? I couldn’t tell I wasn’t looking that closely).

We ran a lot of scens this weekend, though still not enough to get me into invader insignias. My furlough IRL comes up at the end of the month so maybe that will be the time :)


Here’s a scen I ran with Oblit once. (My targeting skills are not to be envied.)

Also FOTF’s VL group made it up to the Seventh boss, though not past him just yet. We have the colors thing down though and I think his number just might be up next time.

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King on farm, VL and more

I took a brief break from the blog after a business trip. Here’s a quick update.

Obliteration and FOTF have been running King together for the past month or so. We’ve definitely got it down. Loot is rolling in and people are progressing. We have almost a full warband of Warlord geared people and we are bringing in people who are nearly high enough to wear Warlord as we can.


FOTF is also trying to run through VL but the darn thing is so buggy half the time we get frustrated and leave.


We have killed through boss six and only briefly saw boss seven last weekend. Not too bad for only trying for a couple of weeks I say.

Finally Sunday morning we were out and decided to stop the Destro zone flips. The Destro apparently gave up after we stopped them, a shame considering we were vastly outnumbered. I guess they just want their freenown (free renown) as fast as they can get it and it doesn’t occur to them to try to, oh I don’t know, fight people for it?


In any case we are still having fun and still trying to kill Destro at every turn. On another note we are not recruiting anymore. We got some fabulous new guildies and learned quite a bit about those who did not make it through the initiate phase.

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