Scenario wins and qotd

FOTF has been running plenty of scenarios lately, and for good reason! The new scenario patch comes out today.

Here’s a screen of a scen where we were horribly behind but we pulled it together against one of the better Destro teams. They have a few random people in there, but we had a full group of random people.


Finally the qotd, we haven’t had one of these in quite a while. FOTF was trying monolith PQ with some Oblit and other people. Order finally beat it at a later date. If you have ever done this PQ then you know why most people do not try it.

We did not win during this run, but many of us were finally getting the hang of it as the timer ran down.


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One Response to “Scenario wins and qotd”

  1. Brian Inman Says:

    We did the Monolith PQ in all the different instances of the city siege on DC. I must of done it hundreds of times. What are you finding that makes it that no one wants to do it?