Just wanted to share some screenshots of the Order zerg that I took Saturday night. I am fairly certain more than 200 Order were swarming zones and taking keeps.


Here are more pics from the same location of more Order flowing into the Manor.

By the way, Saturday was the worst night I’ve had in gaming in a very long time. We had double overdog points (I guess that’s what we call them) meaning that Order had attacked Inevitable City twice within 24 hours. That means it takes much longer to cap zones. We couldn’t get enough Victory Points to cap either. Sometimes we were sitting at 105% of required VP and because of the underdog mechanic we couldn’t cap. I hope this was a big reminder to Order to keep those in mind when we schedule a city push.

Long story short, we started at about 8 p.m. Pacific and didn’t get to the city until midnight (major sorrow for the Eastern timezone people). I wanted to stab myself in the face with a screwdriver. We had a good fight at the entrance to Maw. Then in the city my warband just happened to get the one with the halfway decent Destro in it. I was soo tired. Unfortunately we had a lot of random PUGs in the scenario with us. Eventually they left to make way for Irony, but the damage was done.

Fortunately we managed to take the city during the Super Bowl and down the king. Unfortunately for us those of our guildies who watch football socially did not get to join us :( At least it’s one step closer to getting full Warlord for Andora, who will be able to tank the king for us during our future FOTF king runs!

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3 Responses to “FOR THE SWARM!”

  1. arisechicken Says:

    I heard about this Saturday craziness. Sometimes I think the friendly zerg is scarier than the enemies. They come out of nowhere by the hundreds whenever the scent of easy renown is in the air, and disappear just as fast as they came.

  2. heartlessgamer Says:

    I have to agree with chicken. The zerg always appeared for the bit of action, but never to do all the hard work.

  3. Perle Says:

    Well I don’t really understand why they show up only for zone flips. Easy renown I guess. Not really around when we are underdogs, though, and there are plenty of people to kill.