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Welcome back to WAR!

Warhammer is a breath of fresh air to me after playing Aion. Several of our members have returned along with us, including Andora and Cald, who did not make the transition to Aion very well. It’s really good to see them and hear their voices in vent.

Now we need to get back to our previous state of pwn on this server. We’re basically handing out free crests at this point as we relearn our characters.

We definitely have a fight ahead of us though. Destro outnumbers us by a large margin. This is not the same server we left. The Destro are also more organized and higher RR than Order.


This screenshot cannot do justice. I wish I could do wide angle shots. The front of the north keep in KV was packed full of about four warbands at one point this weekend.

Destro is also in the city about three times a day. Sunday they did an alarm clock raid and pushed the city to stage 2. For those who have not been in the city during stage 2, it’s pretty boring, though there still are some Destro who remain to fight. Everyone else is in the Warlord PQs.


As a result of frequent city pushes, many of the high powered Destro are in full sets of Warlord gear.

FOTF is not the only group returning from Aion. Dooger made a post welcoming back those of us who are returning.

Do you want to return to Warhammer? I can hand out some 10-day free trials (as long as you’ve been gone for 60 days or more). Just reply in the comment using your real e-mail address. I can only send out one per day, though.

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Aion vs the alternative?

Face it, no game will ever be perfect, although Warhammer came awfully close. Aion could also be that game if it didn’t take so much PVE to get to the point. Our guild has always been full of staunch PVPers. For most of us it is very painful to try to grind through the levels. It is very boring.


Several of us are on our last legs in Aion. Khaevil even vowed to never play MMOs again after this experience.

An obvious question: What now? This has caused me to look back at Warhammer. From my previous post you would think we would never, ever go back. But time has changed the game from when we last played it.

The BIGGEST thing that killed Warhammer for me was a lack of people to fight. That rationale is no longer an excuse:


This screenshot from Gorfang was taken on a Sunday morning, back when we used to think all of the Destruction were in church. My account was still open so I thought I’d check things out. Order on Gorfang is now seriously outnumbered, out-organized and outclassed.

My second point in the aforementioned post is that Land of the Dead forced people to PVE to keep up with everyone else. While this is still true, there is some sad news on the PVE content front:

Mythic has had some pretty massive layoffs in the creative department:

Mythic laid off 80 people today (Nov. 9), which is about 40% of the company and responsible for 90% of the content. According to a friend of mine who left before this happened, they’re putting Warhammer into “maintenance mode.”

I say sad news because I hate to see anyone lose their job. I am not happy they have lost their jobs at all. While some say “maintenance mode” means that the game is dead, Organdonar has a more optimistic outlook:

If they aren’t adding new content then they aren’t fucking up the game.

Yes, this still leaves LOTD in the game, but frankly if we had not played Aion and stayed in Warhammer we might have most of that gear by now and we wouldn’t have wasted our time with so much PVE. With the creative team mostly gone, this means they won’t add more PVE content to the game anytime soon. Then all we have to do is wake up and PVP. Awesome!

Lastly, my third complaint (Mythic was slow on server merges) could be resolved soon. From Massively’s interview with Jeff Skalski:

Q: Would it be better to merge servers again?

A: Yes and no. Merging a server affects a lot of people, and some players rejoice while others get upset about the change. It’s a tough call really. Right now we’re closely watching Dark Crag and Phoenix Throne. Both have passionate players on them, but we wish the populations were higher. With the recent release of 1.3.2 ,we’ll be holding off on any merges until we get a few more weeks of data. Then we can make final, informed decision if needed.

Interesting. Very interesting.

Where does that leave us? I am sending out my recruit-a-friend invites to members as I can (I only get one per day, how lame is that?). With the recruit-a-friend invite we get 10 free days of game time to check it out. (If you are interested in an invite, send me a PM on the forums and I will add you to the list.)

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An open letter to Mythic: Why we quit

I canceled my Warhammer account last night and was asked to provide feedback at the end of a short survey. Here is what I wrote. I have removed my personal contact information from the letter. My comments about the letter will be in brackets and italics.

Dear Mythic,

My guild, Fight on the Flag, enjoyed your game for a long time. Unfortunately, we left because felt we could no longer have fun in your game because of a number of factors:

1. Unbalanced server populations make lopsided battles no fun for either side.

My guild initially rolled Order/Gorfang because we sought a challenge. We preferred to be the underdogs and thought Order would lead us to good times — and it did, at first. But then Destro, for whatever reason (insert crying about BW bombers), felt they could not compete and stopped showing up to fight. Scenario queues were terrible for the overpopulated side, and sometimes several queues would pop and nobody would show up to anything. Sever merges only exacerbated the problem because, while you added more players to the server, the gap between the two factions remained as large, and possibly grew.

2. You tried to cater to too many player bases (PVE vs. PVP) and therefore failed to entrance either of them. [I should have listed this as number one, because frankly LOTD was a horrible failure.]

When FOTF started playing Warhammer and realized the potential of this game, we thought back to our DAOC days (as Legacy of Storms on Alb/Bedevere) and became afraid. We seriously considered starting a letter-writing campaign to Mark Jacobs begging him not to introduce a Trials of Atlantis type expansion. “But no,” we thought, “they wouldn’t do that again. TOA was a disaster.” How wrong we were. The second I heard of Land of the Dead, I thought “Oh crap, not again.” Everyone I knew from DAOC who had participated in TOA hated the idea, yet they remained cautiously optimistic because you marketed it as a “Darkness Falls” type dungeon.

Warhammer was marketed as a RVR game, like DAOC. Yet in DAOC the gear requirement to PVP (pre TOA) was never an issue. You get max crafting skills, spellcraft your MP armor and you were ready to PVP. You didn’t have to deal with bugged instances, terrible itemization and unlucky drop rates. But in Warhammer, someone decided that you had to cater to the PVE player base and add instances to get your gear. This was a HUGE mistake for anyone who loved Warhammer for the PVP. For my guild, PVE was something we dreaded but tolerated because we wanted to make sure that we remained competitive with the other side. Warhammer PVE was a time vampire that sucked away what little time I had to play with my guild on the weekend.

3. You were slow on server merges, leaving hopeful yet despondent players to languish on dead servers or consider rerolling.

I had written to you before to merge Gorfang with another server because the Destruction side sorely needed help. Unfortunately, my guild rerolled on Phoenix Throne before you merged servers. By the time the Gorfang server merge happened, if we were not already 50 we were well on our way on PT. In any case, players had asked for weeks if not a month or more for the server to get merged. We all knew what was wrong (I even crafted a video, just search for Doorhammer on Youtube).

Aion was the nail in the coffin because so many players left Warhammer for it (and honestly some of us hate that game so far because the grind is so oppressive, but we can’t come back to Warhammer because there is nothing to come back to). [It's a bit like that hot chick that dates complete jerks, but she would rather be dating a jerk than nobody at all. Neither solution (Warhammer or Aion) is best, but Warhammer burned us most recently so we're kinda leery about that option.]

I don’t want this to be too long. I would be surprised if anyone reads this anyway. But you had a good game going, it’s too bad you didn’t listen to your veteran DAOC players.


Perle, GM of Fight on the Flag

PS. We will never forget the fun times we had in Warhammer. It will always hold a special place in our hearts, as DAOC still does. The time we killed two full warbands with our six-man BW bomb group was priceless. I only wish I had been running Fraps at the time. (And yeah, tone down AE next time you make a game, or players like us will use it to our full advantage.)

I am not saying Warhammer is dead. I hear there is still action, but not the fights we had before on Phoenix Throne. If you have evidence to the contrary, however, please post a comment. A recent patch has revitalized the Destruction side from what I hear (marauders got serious buffs).

By the way, anyone who would say BW are/were OP and that Destro couldn’t do what Order did, you don’t know what you’re talking about. We rerolled on Phoenix Throne and regularly ran successful bomb squads (though our gear was a bit worse, we still won many fights against top-rank guilds).

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