Fashion sense in the Spiritmaster

I have to say of all of the classes in Aion, the Spiritmaster is the most sensible.

Our model today is Mistin, a Spiritmaster in <Mile High Club>.


Look at that daring outfit! He’s ready for a night at the club, perhaps as a backup singer for The Smiths.

Yeah, not much going on PVP wise except for leveling. We’re sticking with it, though, because we see the potential.

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3 Responses to “Fashion sense in the Spiritmaster”

  1. Grimnir Says:

    My what a pretty tiara. Is that supposed to be a dude?

  2. Perle Says:

    Yes, It is a dude. See the emo little goatee?

  3. Akalukz Says:

    Hey Perle, check your messages over at Warhammer Alliance please.