Oompaloompa zerg

dwarvesSo Flags in Space ran some scenarios together and we managed to get into Logrins Forge. We checked out our opponents, as we always do, and noticed they were all dwarves.

I wish I had recorded the vent conversations. It was freaking hilarious.

“It’s like an adorable, terrifying zerg.”

“I feel like I’m killing puppies.”


“There’s this dwarf back here snaring me and rooting me… ”

“And biting your ankles?”

They were pushovers but they didn’t have far to fall.


We entered with the scenario with our flags drawn. As we pushed forward, a sneaky dwarf stole Contamination’s flag.


Krohm, you have made a mortal enemy. There is now a price on your head for the blatant theft of our precious flag!

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4 Responses to “Oompaloompa zerg”

  1. Gunthoren Says:

    The names above belong to the Stone and Steel. We are honored for our Wanted status, and will continue to kill and Maim the forces of Destro, till you all leave our lands and never return!!

    Gunthoren, Thane of Stone and Steel..

  2. Zostille Says:

    Har! Goo’ fight! We’ll be seein’ ya on the field again, wit’ the outcome different! Stone and Steel til’ me dyin’ breaf!

  3. Krohm Says:

    Guess ye lads shoulda been “fightin on the flag”…
    See ye gits around.

  4. Perle Says:

    Arr, I was wondering when someone would bring that up. Good seeing you in scens today. I was so busy waving at you that I didn’t see the ambush until it was too late.