Saturday night fights

On Saturday, Flags in Space made a journey to Bastion Stair, and most of us now have our crit weapons. Yay! After that, we ran a bunch of Nordenwatch scenarios. We stomped the pugs, but we got stomped by the Order premades.

The real fun came at night, when we decided to defend one of the many fortress assaults (I forget which one).

After that, we defended a keep with the rest of Destro in Chaos Wastes.


Initially we skirmished inside, but we saw the group bunched up (before this shot was taken) and decided to bomb them, old style. We wiped the advance force with the help of other Destro, but then a wave of Destro Order came over the hill and we retreated to defend. After the Destro force repelled the attackers, we took the northeast BO in Chaos Wastes.

Finally, we went to Caledor to have some fun. The fun turned into Destro flipping the zone.


We had a ton of fun Saturday, and things are looking up as we get gear and renown rank! It was painful but the road is sure to be smoother from here.


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4 Responses to “Saturday night fights”

  1. Bolimor Says:

    Hiya All from Gorfang! Well the server merge you begged for is here and guess what? there are some really great Destro from Ironfist here now. We are having lot’s of fun and fairly big zergs running around almost allt he time. Destro has been running lot’s of SC premade groups and they are totally dominating SC’s as far as I can tell. anyway good luck and have Fun!

  2. Perle Says:

    Heya, thanks for the heads up. We may return for a night to check it out, but this appears to be our permanent home. We are really outnumbered here, and from all reports from the Destro on Gorfang, they are still losing in oRVR.

    I appreciate the report, though. If Order really is overwhelmed at some point, come back and let us know. We do make encore appearances.

  3. Rugbyrat Says:


    Great to see you guys still have it together. I lurk here once in a while to make sure my favorite Order guild (check that) Destruction guild is still chugging along.

    Hope all is well!
    Rugbyrat the Waver

  4. Perle Says:


    Thanks for the /wave. How are things with you? We miss the old times. If you wanted to roll another Chosen we would take care of ya!