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Saturday night fights

On Saturday, Flags in Space made a journey to Bastion Stair, and most of us now have our crit weapons. Yay! After that, we ran a bunch of Nordenwatch scenarios. We stomped the pugs, but we got stomped by the Order premades.

The real fun came at night, when we decided to defend one of the many fortress assaults (I forget which one).

After that, we defended a keep with the rest of Destro in Chaos Wastes.


Initially we skirmished inside, but we saw the group bunched up (before this shot was taken) and decided to bomb them, old style. We wiped the advance force with the help of other Destro, but then a wave of Destro Order came over the hill and we retreated to defend. After the Destro force repelled the attackers, we took the northeast BO in Chaos Wastes.

Finally, we went to Caledor to have some fun. The fun turned into Destro flipping the zone.


We had a ton of fun Saturday, and things are looking up as we get gear and renown rank! It was painful but the road is sure to be smoother from here.

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Why Order wins fortress assaults on PT

Order really knows how to assault a fortress. Yes, they pop cap the fort just like Gorfang does. And yet, Gorfang cannot assault a fortress unless nobody is there to defend.

Here’s why:


Check out that Order zerg at the zone line to Fell Landing. They are waiting for the first push to wipe. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out, guys. Really, the last time I saw a pop capped fort on Gorfang, the people who didn’t get in were pouting and screaming in region chat about the injustice of it all.

This is a seriously organized group of Order that we are fighting. All the more challenge for us here on Phoenix Throne.


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Almost ready to PVP on Phoenix Throne

Fight on the Flag is { } this close to being able to PVP with the big guys. With the boost of a very generous Destruction player who was quitting the game anyway, we powerleveled our way through boredom and lack of sleep.

Yeah, granted we have level 37 greens for armor. Yes, we aren’t all 40 yet. What we lack in gear we make up for in enthusiasm and organization.

From the looks of the Order zerg, we’re going to need it.


It’s hard to tell from this angle, but there’s a huge wave of Order zerging up over the hill.


Here’s another angle. And I’m told this is a small force. On Gorfang this would have been a great RVR night.

We are looking forward to all that this server has to offer. We are not looking back to Gorfang at this time. Maybe if things change, but we’re not holding our breath.

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Hail from Phoenix Throne!

Hark! I see a Destro Order player bent on our demise! We must dispatch him with great haste, else we fall victim to his ruthless plans!

Ugh, no thanks. Yes, Phoenix Throne is a roleplay server. I am really not into that (though I might dabble here and there, to the annoyance of my guildies). Some people go waaay overboard with their RP. It seems to me it takes more time to think of how to intentionally misspell their missives than it would be to just type it normally.

But Fight on the Flag is not here to judge. We are here to kill. Judging from the RVR map last night in Caledor, we’re going to get plenty of fights.


I was astounded to see fighting in two different zones yesterday. I’ve also joined the realm-wide chat channel to get to know the leaders. I am in awe of the force we are up against.


Fight on the Flag and Temp Space are very eager to hop into the fray. We love bashing Destro Order into a bloody pulp, and the fact that there are so many people to kill here is exciting. (By the way, if we get confused and say things as if we were still playing Order, cut us some slack. We’re trying to break old habits, like running away from a pit of shades or panicking if we see a huge zerg of lizard-riding men.)

Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space also formed our alliance, Flags in Space, once both guilds hit level 6. Woot!


(Amellie is referring to the “oral” in “Temporal Space.” For now, they are Temp Space. Not sure if they cared enough to try to appeal the name. Chances are, if they did, they wouldn’t get an answer.)

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PVP weekend report and new member

We had several exciting fights this weekend, but nothing was as exciting as a former DAOC guildmate finding Pylith on Facebook and then joining the guild.

Welcome back Kuvasz! She played an armswoman in DAOC and ran with our 8-man gank squad. After New Frontiers, we all quit because we were tired of keep humping (sound familiar?).


We had exciting times on Saturday in Praag, whipping up several groups of Destro into tasty batches of renown. I managed to get RR71, so I guess I drop Royal Crests now. With the number of Destro who zerg around me now, I probably should hire a Swordmaster to guard me :p

Unfortunately it seems Doorhammer is all we do now if we want to see RVR. Destro is too wary of our group (unless they have 150 of them defending a fortress and all we have is eight people, like on Monday night).


Yes, underneath the hooves of the Destro warhorses is a dead ginger-headed freak (Bright Wizards is what we call them on Order side). We couldn’t find any RVR until we realized a fort had been taken and Order left to go somewhere else. We investigated and found tons and tons and TONS of Destro outside Fell Landing.

I would be lying if I said our first attempts were anything but utter defeat. In our defense we were missing a couple of key players, but we managed to kill equal to our number before we died.

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Holiday weekend, woot

With the long holiday weekend coming up, plenty of us FOTFers are planning to PVP. Thursday night we had some good fights, when we could find them. Order owned LOTD so you would think it would have been easy. But no.


I’ll be honest, we didn’t have our A team for much of these fights (sorry Vidbranna). We had a badly geared BW and we still beat them. Then, we went to Fireguard once to prevent a Dragonwake lock. Khaevil was waaay out front, and I was practically at the warcamp. About two groups of Destro were at the BO but they scattered at the mere sight of Khaevil running in by himself.

He cant kill you if he’s alone. /sigh

Here’s to hoping the PVP is going to be better the rest of this weekend. And happy Fourth, everyone!

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