Destro nerd rage

Apparently Fight on the Flag and Temporal Space is being blamed for a recent rash of Destruction members quitting the game. Many of these posts were made Sunday and Monday (visit to see for yourself). (Edited to add direct links to posts: We reap what we sow, canceled, FOTF/TS moved to Phoenix Throne read some of the hate in that one)

It was too much for one Destruction member to take. Visit the official forums here.

I am ashamed to admit that I read his post to guildies in vent, at times laughing so hard that I couldn’t even speak.

Destro tried multiple attempts to counter the bomb teams.  Spreading out, hunting the healers, and silencing.  All to no avail.  Cave BOs were massacres.  I believe they took out 2 warbands at one point.

My guess is they didn’t try coordination and teamwork, getting on vent and using an assist train. You can’t try these tactics once, lose a few times and then decide it doesn’t work. It requires discipline and teamwork to initiate.


This is a terrible picture of the end of a seriously epic fight where we had six players against more than a warband of Destruction. Initially they were in the cave at the East BO in Thunder Mountain. They were just leaving the cave when we rolled in. We were dead if not for a very very lucky res by Organdonar. He died right as I got the res, and I hid and ressed him, and from there we got everyone up.

At the end of the fight, the adrenalin was pumping so hard through my body I was literally shaking. I think it was one of the best fights we’ve ever had in Warhammer.

Would we have been able to do this without communication? Hell no! If Destruction were halfway organized we would have failed then, too.

Instead of them working together, they are ragequitting over something they can easily prevent. Fight on the Flag has been working together for 10 years or more in some cases. You can’t overcome that with a three times our numbers in a PUG warband that’s tab targetting the nearest thing to you.


I want to be respectful to our enemies, but it’s hard sometimes when they put forth nearly no effort and cry so much about losing (Hellfish, Turmoil and Tempered Ignorance as the exception of course). I guess the sooner Destro leaves Gorfang the sooner we get our merger, right?

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One Response to “Destro nerd rage”

  1. BW Says:

    Reroll to Destruction and give it a try. Some of us who play destruction (defensive, not lolDPS) tanks are tired of giving you free renown.

    In the meantime enjoy your empty server, godmode, and RvE.